Fate Grand Order - Altria Pendragon Alter: Skills, Stats and, Strategies

This article contains the stats, strategy, and guide for Saber - Arturia of Pendragon (Alter). We will update this as soon as the game comes out.

Altria Pendragon Alter is the manifestation of all the doubts and pains of Altria Pendragon. Upon touching the tainted holy grail, her pain took shape.

Altria Pendragon Alter

Altria Pendragon Alter or known as Saber Alter in Fate Grand Order appears as a four star Saber class servant in the game. Surprisingly, she has higher offensive capabilities in comparison to Altria Pendragon herself. As an alternative form of Artoria Pendragon in FGO, Altria Pendragon Alter also has a different set of skills in comparison to the original Saber herself.

In the anime, Altria Pendragon Alter also styles herself as Saber Alter with Sakura Matou as her master.

HP 1854 ATK 1708
Max HP 11589 Max ATK 10248


  • Altria Pendragon (Alter) is a strong offensive character with well-rounded stats, and an incredibly powerful all-target Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan.
  • While she has plenty of attack buffs, she doesn’t have any other way to boost her NP, and will need to rely on her teammates to charge her NP quickly.
  • Prioritize Mana Burst when leveling up her skills, because this makes both her regular Buster attacks and Excalibur Morgan that much stronger.
  • Elisabeth Bathory forms a very strong offensive core with Altria (Alter). Being a Lancer-class Servant, Elisabeth can cover for Altria (Alter)’s Archer-class weakness. Furthermore, Elisabeth’s Sadistic Charisma boosts ATK for the entire party, especially female Servants. This ATK buff can be stacked with Altria (Alter)’s own Charisma, which allows both of them to hits very hard. Elisabeth also has Torture Technique to reduce the DEF of one enemy.
  • Zhuge Liang, on the other hand, is a more dedicated support Servant. His powerful NP charging skills, such as Discerning Eye, can make Altria (Alter) not just stronger, but also let her use Excalibur Morgan more often.

Best Craft Essence

  • Altria (Alter)’s Max Bond Craft Essence, Memories of the Dragon, powers up her NP damage by 30%, and also gives her a small chance to lower the DEF of enemies every time she attacks. This Craft Essence is perfect for boosting her damage output.
  • If NP charging is needed, Kaleidoscope and The Imaginary Element lets her start the battle with her NP gauge charged (80-100% for Kaleidoscope, 60-75% for The Imaginary Element), allowing her to pull off Excalibur Morgan much faster.
  • Divine Banquet gives her 25% increased NP generation, which also helps with her Noble Phantasm. If her teammates can support her throughout longer battles, Prisma Cosmos can function as constant NP regeneration.


Strength A Endurance A
Agility D Mana A++
Luck C NP A++



Name Rank Description
Magic Resistance A Increases own resistance to debuffs by 20%.


Name Rank Turns CD Description</th
 Charisma E 3 7 Increases party’s attack for 3 turns.
Mana Burst A 1 7 Increases own Buster card performance for 1 turn.
Instinct B 1 7 Gain critical stars.

Noble Phantasm

Excalibur Morgan

Rank  A++
Classification Anti Fortress
Type Buster
Effect Deals very heavy damage to all enemies.
Overcharge Effect Charges own NP gauge.
Hit Count 3


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 4 Saber Pieces 50,000
2 10 Saber Pieces 15 Dragon Fangs 150,000
3 4 Saber Monuments 5 Claw of Chaos 2 Reverse Dragon Scale 500,000
4 10 Saber Monuments 4 Reverse Dragon Scale 4 Heart of the Foreign God 1,500,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 4 Gem of Saber 100,000
2 10 Gem of Saber 200,000
3 4 Magic Gem of Saber 600,000
4 10 Magic Gem of Saber 3 Claw of Chaos 800,000
5 4 Secret Gem of Saber 5 Claw of Chaos 2,000,000
6 10 Secret Gem of Saber 10 Dragon Fang 2,500,000
7 20 Dragon Fang 10 Void’s Dust 5,000,000
8 30 Void’s Dust 8 Heart of the Foreign God 6,000,000
9 1 Crystallized Lore 10,000,000


When Altria Pendragon realized she had failed all of Britain, a dark side in her began to fester. At first sight, nobody knew that the glowing King of Knights could harbor such darkness. However, the moment Altria Pendragon touched the Holy Grail, something inside her snapped. During the Fifth Holy Grail War, Sakura Matou fused with the Holy Grail and corrupted Altria Pendragon and turned her into Altria Pendragon Alter.

Styling her name as Saber Alter, Altria Pendragon Alter set forth to deliver Sakura Matou’s bidding. Her kingly and noble side completely overridden, Altria Pendragon Alter wanted nothing but to destroy and deliver the Grail’s desire. Her noble spirit had been corrupted by the spirit of Angra Mainyu, the evil trapped within the Holy Grail. Alongside other servants such as Berserker and even Lancer, Altria Pendragon Alter then continued to wage destruction against humanity.

Altria Pendragon Alter’s darkened form or what others also know as Black Saber may also be an attribution to the dual nature of King Arthur. The sword of Excalibur also had two natures. Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, represented the goodness within and even entrusting the sword to him after losing Caliburn. However, Altria Pendragon’s jet black sword takes on a new name: Excalibur Morgan. In honor of King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgan Le Fay, Altria Pendragon Alter wields the dark forces of magic with Excalibur as her medium.


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