[Fate Grand Order/FGO] James Moriarty: Skills, Stats and, Strategies

This article contains the stats, strategy, and guide for Archer - James Moriarty. We will update this as soon as the game comes out.

James Moriarty

James Moriarty
James Moriarty, Archer
Source: http://フェイト-fate-grandorder攻略速報.com/archives/69511765.html
HP 2007 ATK 1820
Max HP 13685 Max ATK 11781


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Best Equipment

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Strength C Endurance D
Agility A Mana B
Luck A NP C



Name Rank Description
Magic Resistance D Increases own resistance to debuffs by 12.5%.
Independent Action A+ Increases own critical attack damage by 11%.


Name Rank Turns CD Description</th
Magic Bullet Shooter EX 1 7
  • Ignore Invincibility for 1 turn.
  • Increases own critical star absorption for 1 turn.
Extremity of Spider Webs A++ 3 7 At the cost of 10 Critical Stars (only usable when you have 10 or more), charge own NP gauge and increase own NP damage by 20% for 3 turns.
Charisma of Wicked Wisdom A 3 7
  • Increases party’s attack for 3 turns and the attack of Evil Servants for 3 turns (except self).

Noble Phantasm

The Dynamics of an Asteroid
The Final Crime

Rank A+
Classification Anti Army
Type Buster
Effect Inflicts severe damage against a single enemy.
Overcharge Effect Inflict Defense Down To Target Enemy (3 turns) [This Effect Activates First.]
Hit Count ?


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 5 Archer Pieces 100,000
2 12 Archer Pieces 8 Forbidden Pages 300,000
3 5 Archer Monument 24 Stinger of Certain Death 3 Claw of Chaos 1,000,000
4 12 Archer Monument 6 Claw of Chaos 5 Scarab of Wisdom 3,000,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 4 Gem of Archer 200,000
2 8 Gem of Archer 400,000
3 4 Magic Gem of Archer 1,200,000
4 8 Magic Gem of Archer 12 Stinger of Certain Death 1,600,000
5 4 Secret Gem of Archer 24 Stinger of Certain Death 4,000,000
6 8 Secret Gem of Archer 5 Forbidden Pages 5,000,000
7 10 Forbidden Pages 12 Void’s Dusy 10,000,000
8 36 Void’s Dusy 72 Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid 12,000,000
9 1 Crystallized Lore 20,000,000


James Moriarty, a cunning mastermind, is one of the few who have matched Sherlock Holmes’ deductive skills.

On the outside, he is a brilliant mathematician. James Moriarty taught Physics and Calculus to college students. However, past that, he is a warlord. Not directly participating in the war, James Moriarty did what every tycoon would do: buy what the war needed. Bandages, guns, cannons, medicine – the works. He intended to own everything before starting a war. In doing so, the economy would shift to his favour and he would earn the money.

Despite his old age, James Moriarty gained notoriety. Proclaimed as the “Napoleon of Crime”, he expanded his influence underground. However, Sherlock Holmes’ soon caught him. It was an epic battle of the minds. He intended to start a war; Sherlock intended to stop it.


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