Fate Grand Order - Saber Class Servants List

This article contains the directory for the Saber class servants. We'll update this as soon as the other heroes reveal themselves.

The Saber Class Servants are also known as the Heroic Spirit of the Swords. The Saber class is also known as the Most Outstanding of the Knight Classes.

Saber Class Servants

In Fate Grand Order, Saber class servants have a balanced variety of skills. Because of this, they are known also as one of the Most Outstanding Heroic Spirits. As masters of the sword, Saber class servants are terrifying opponents. Majority of the Fate Grand Order servants under the Saber class are European kings. But the most commonly seen out of all the Fate Grand Order Saber Class Servants is Altria Pendragon, the king of Britannia and Camelot. As a Fate Grand Order 5 Star Servant, she boasts of higher stats and a higher max level that place her in the higher tier.

However, not all of the Fate Grand Order Saber class servants are the same. While there is Altria Pendragon or Altria Pendragon (Alter) (or Salter), most players find themselves summoning a 3 star Saber class servant. Some of these servants include Gilles De Rais (Saber) or Gaius Julius Caesar. But if players opened the game during the release date, they instantly get a free Fate Grand Order servants – Altria Pendragon Lily!

Combat Mechanic for Saber Class Servants

The list below describes how the Saber class servants will fare against the other servant classes. Each class has their own level of resistance and defense, depending on what their prioritized stat is. However, one example is its glaring difference with the Archer class. Because the Archer class’s versatility and flexibility of noble phantasms, they can deal a variety of attacks against the straightforward Sabers.

Saber Class Servants

Sabers have a base damage multiplier of 1.0x.

  • Lancers take double damage from Saber class servants and deal half damage against them.
  • Archers take half damage from Saber class servants and deal double damage against them.
  • Berserkers take double damage from Saber class servants and deal 50% extra damage against them.
  • Rulers take half damage from Saber class servants.
  • Beast Goetia and Demon pillars deal double damage to Saber class servants.
  • Alter Egos deal half damage to Saber class servants.

When using a Fate Grand Order Saber Class servant, they usually have a combination more reliant on Buster and Arts cards. This makes them able to quickly form Buster or Arts chains to unleash their Noble Phantasm. A lot of them however are more offensive-based save for a few that have ridiculously high defensive stats. When using a Saber class servant in Fate Grand Order, always pair them up with either a Noble Phantasm Charging Craft Essence. If one does so, players will find themselves easily unleashing torrents of damage without much effort. Another servant to combine with them is Zhuge Liang to have him quickly power up their gauge.

Saber Class Servants list

Legend: B – Buster, A – Arts, Q – Quick, NP – Noble Phantasm

5 Stars Rank Saber Class Servant

The 5 star Saber class servants are hard to roll for. Since the drop rate is at 1% (or probably even less), most players would use the 4 star Saber class servants instead. However, the most notable Fate Grand Order Saber class servants at the moment are the ones not marked with “unavailable”. However, majority of these Saber class servants will be unlocked in the long run the more Fate Grand Order USA updates. Some of the Saber class servants such as Mordred and Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) need to have Camelot unlocked.

4 Stars Rank Saber Class Servant

Unfortunately for now, there are only a few Saber class servants unlocked. This includes Altria Pendragon (Alter) which one gains after completing Fuyuki. However, if one completes Septem, players get to unlock Nero Claudius who is ideal for Arts Chains.

3 Stars Rank Saber Class Servant

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