[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Stheno: Skills, Stats and, Strategies


This article contains the skills, stats, strategy, and ability of Stheno of the Assassin class from Fate Grand Order [FGO].


HP 1843 ATK 1497
Max HP 11518 Max ATK 8985


  • A 4 Star Assassin servant who possesses useful active skills which consist of crippling and buffs.
  • Stheno’s Vampirism and Siren Song can put your party at an advantage especially against teams composed of mostly male units.
  • Bloodsucker manipulates the enemy’s NP gauge while boosting your own, which might enable the party to unleash their NP before the enemy does.
  • Siren Song may grant a free turn if the enemy is afflicted.
  • Her NP has a fixed effect of inflicting DEF down which in most cases is enough as opposed to aiming for the Overcharge.
  • For her active Skills be sure to reinforce Whim of Goddess among others to raise not only her ATK but also decrease CT.
  • A recommended servant to pair with her is Medusa (Rider) as her passive skill Divinity grants additional ATK.
  • In addition, Medusa’s Independent Action provides increase to Critical ATK which should work in tandem with her Whim of Goddess.

Best Equipment

  • One of the recommened Craft Essences to equip Stheno with is Imaginary Around due to the effectiveness boost it grants to Quick Command Cards. In case you have Gandr instead, it should suffice as a 4 Star alternative.
  • To maximize her potential against male enemies, Holy Shroud of Magdalene provides her with both a sizeable HP boost and added DEF against men.


Strength E Endurance E
Agility B Mana EX
Luck EX NP B



Name Rank Description
Magic Resistance A Raises self’s resistance to debuffs by 20%.
Presence Concealment A+ Heightens self’s critical star generation rate by 10.5%.
Core of the Goddess EX Heightens damage by 300 and resistance to debuffs by 30%.


Name Rank Turns CD Description
Bloodsucker C 8 Chance to lower 1 enemy’s NP gauge by 1.
Charges self’s NP gauge.
Siren Song A 1 9 Chance to charm 1 Male enemy.
Whim of Goddess A 3 7  Heightens party attack.
Further raises party attack with Divine traits.

Noble Phantasm

Smile of the Stheno

Rank B
Classification Anti-Personnel
Type Buster
Effect Decreases one enemy’s defense by 20% for 3 turns. High chance to cause Death (Male Enemy).
Overcharge Effect Chance to inflict Charm if it’s a Male enemy.
Hit Count


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 4 Assassin Pieces 50,000
2nd 10 Assassin Pieces 5 Serpent Jewel 150,000
3rd 4 Assassin Monuments 4 Heart of the Foreign God 8 Void’s Dust 500,000
4th 10 Assassin Monuments 16 Void’s Dust 4 Dragon’s Reverse Scales 1,500,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 4 Gem of Assassin 100,000
2nd 10 Gem of Assassin 200,000
3rd 4 Magic Gem of Assassin 600,000
4th 10 Magic Gem of Assassin 2 Heart of the Foreign God 800,000
5th 4 Secret Gem of Assassin 4 Heart of the Foreign God 2,000,000
6th 10 Secret Gem of Assassin 4 Serpent Jewel 2,500,000
7th 7 Serpent Jewel 3 Claw of Chaos 5,000,000
8th 9 Claw of Chaos 8 Dragon’s Reverse Scales 6,000,000
9th 1 Crystallized Lore 10,000,000


Deemed the eldest of the Gorgon Sisters in Greek Mythology. She was regarded as the most precious woman who was thought to satisfy the fantasies of men. Her siblings are Euryale and Medusa.

Her looks can hold even the most sophisticated men spellbound. It is noticeable that she may have brought herself with poise, however she could be just as complacent. She has a penchant for teasing her younger sister Medusa but in truth she deeply cares for her.

She seeks to ask for immortality not only for her but for her sisters as well, but she is aware that it is an impossible wish.


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