[Fate Grand Order / FGO] What are Traits?

This article contains a directory on Traits in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It includes an explanation of the advanced mechanics, types of traits, and includes some skills. We’ll continue to update this page once the Fate Grand Order [FGO] game updates.

This is currently based on Patch 1.2.0. However, some of the servant information came from the Japanese version. Thus, please wait for the updates as we will update this as FGO continues to update.

What are Traits?

Found in-game as Advanced Mechanics, these are properties attached to servants and enemies. Servants will occasionally use Skills or Noble Phantasm and some of these will have additional effects towards specific Traits. Effects will vary either dealing Status Effects or damage.

Types of Traits


The most basic Trait, all servants possess the Servant Trait. However, more traits specific to only a certain number of servants and enemies exist in the game.


Those belonging to the Daemon Trait have the nature of demons.

Brynhildr’s Beloved

Brynhildr’s Beloved consist of Servants that are cherished by Brynhildr, the Skill Brynhildr Romatia B has an effect against them.

Arthur / Altria

Arthur/ Altria is a trait that unique to those with King Arthur’s blood flowing in their veins, the NP Clarent Blood Arthur has an effect when dealt against them.


King is a trait bestowed on those who reign over an empire, NP such as Alf Laylah has its effect boosted when performed against them.


Dragon is a trait exclusive to the Draconic group, the NP Balmung is effective when dealing with those who possess this trait.


Divine is a trait tied to those who have the Divinity Skill, God-Slayer is a Skill that is strong against them.

Altria Face

Altria Face is a trait possessed by those whose facial features resemble the legendary Altria Pendragon, the NP Secret Calibur is effective against them.


Humanoid is a trait of all servants, the Skill Fair Youth works against them.

Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology is a trait exclusive to male and greek mythology, they are affected by the Skill Howl of the War God.


The Roman trait includes those whose birthplace is Rome, Vow to the Goddess affect those who have this trait.


Riding is a trait exclusive to those with the Riding Skill, the Skill Three Thousand Worlds is effective against them. Beast is a trait found in servants and enemies who have animal instincts, the Beast Slayer Skill works against them.


Demi-Servant refer to those whose trait is immune to the effect of NPs like Goou Shourai Tenmou Kaikai.

Weak to Enuma Elish

Weak to Enuma Elish is a trait that majority of servants possess, the NP Enuma Elish is suitable against them.


Male is a trait exclusive to servants who have this gender, Skills like Pheromone will connect when used against them.


Female is a trait exlusive to servants who have this gender, Skills like Trouble with Women will connect when used against them.


Non-Gendered is a trait that applies to those who do not fall under either the group with the Male or Female trait. The Skills and NP that require the target to be either Male or Female will fail to connect when used against them.


Undead is a trait that refers to the reanimated and the apparitions, the Skill God-Slayer is effective when used against them.


Giant is a trait unique to enemies with a towering structure, the Skill Giant Beast Hunt has an effect against them.

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