[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Asterios: Skills, Stats and, Strategies


This article contains information about Asterios, a Berserker Class Servant in Fate Grand Order [FGO].


HP 1097 ATK 1320
Max HP 6037 Max ATK 6604


  • Asterios is useful for short-term battles. His hitting power can easily overwhelm enemies within 3 turns. Any longer than that however, he starts to outlive his usefulness and can be replaced with a more sustainable servant.
  • Enhance his Monstrous Strength active skill first. This allows him to use the Berserker class‘s natural strength against servants. This will also sustain him as defeating enemies in battle lessens any incoming attacks.
  • While he has a higher propensity to draw Buster Cards, his Noble Phantasm is worth noting. The Chaos Labyrinth serves as a debuff skill which will not only sustain him in battle but increase your team’s damage output.

Best Equipment

  • Stuffed Lion
    • The Stuffed Lion takes advantage of Asterios’ short time in battle. Upon death, Asterios will heal his teammates with enough HP to last them another battle.
    • This is best used when he has used his Noble Phantasm. Upon doing so, he can leave a debuff for your other servants to exploit.
  • Crimson Black Keys
    • As a means to buff the performance of his Buster cards, this is a starter equipment that can boost the performance of his Buster Cards for the mean time. Because of his higher propensity to draw them, this card can increase the damage that’s boosted from the Buster Cards.
    • Combine this with him using his Active Skill – Monstrous Strength to deal around 6000++ damage.
      • This assumes non-critical hit damage.
  • The Imaginary Element
    • This bolsters his NP gauge to almost 80% for him to easily use his Noble Phantasm.
    • Due to his weakened affinity towards all servant classes (save the non-conventional classes), this will allow him to debuff an enemy before he is completely defeated.


Strength A++ Endurance A++
Agility C Mana D
Luck E NP A



Name Rank Description
Mad Enhancement B Heightens damage of unit’s Buster Cards by 8%.


Name Rank Turns CD Description</th
Monstrous Strength A 3 7 Heightens self’s Atk.
Natural Demon A++ 3 7 Raises self’s Atk debuff resistance.
Raises self’s Def.

Noble Phantasm

Chaos Labyrinth, Eternally Unchanging Labyrinth

Rank EX
Classification Labyrinth
Type Arts
Effect Decreases the Attack and Defense of all enemies for 6 turns. (‘EX’)
 Overcharge Effect Decreases defense of all enemies for 6 turns. (EX)
Further decreases the Attack and Defense of all enemies by 40% for 1 turn. (‘EX’)
Hit Count


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Berserker Pieces 10,000
2nd 3 Octuplet Crystals 4 Berserker Pieces 30,000
3rd 2 Meteoric Horseshoes 10 Proof of Hero 2 Berserker Monuments 90,000
4th 4 Meteoric Horseshoes 5 Seeds of Yggdrasil 4 Berserker Monuments 300,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Gem of Berserker 10,000
2nd 4 Gem of Berserker 20,000
3rd 2 Magic Gems of Berserker 60,000
4th 4 Magic Gems of Berserker 5 Proof of Hero 80,000
5th 2 Secret Gems of Berserker 10 Proof of Hero 200,000
6th 4 Secret Gems of Berserker 2 Octuplet Crystals 250,000
7th 4 Void’s Dust 4 Octuplet Crystals 500,000
8th 10 Seeds of Yggdrasil 12 Void’s Dust 600,000
9th 1 Crystallized Lore 1,000,000


Popularly known as Minotauros, the bull of King Minos, his other name Asterios was seldom mentioned.

Son of the bull king of Crete, Minos and his wife Pasiphae. Asterios’ body consists of the an ox’s head and a man’s body. His father instructed Daedalus to construct a Labyrinth, from which a hero from birth ought to slay the monster from birth – Asterios – whose fate was to be sealed.

When Asterios materializes as a Heroic Spirit, he is more tame in comparison to most Berserkers. If you address him properly, he will be serve you well.


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