[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] What are Stars? What does it mean?

This article contains the guide for the servants listed by rarity from Fate Grand Order.

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This article contains an explanation for the rarity and stars system in Fate Grand Order [FGO].


In every Gacha game, there is a tier. These tiers then dictate if they are a high ranking character or not. The number of tiers are then represented by stars which are on the portraits of each character. Fate Grand Order also employs that kind of system when it comes to summoning servants. However, this doesn’t only apply to servants but also the craft essences as well. When using the Gacha system, the probability or the RNG (Random Number Generator) will changes depending on the kind of rarity one is rolling for.

If you want to learn about craft essences, click here.

However, should you get a high class servant, you’ll notice that it comes with better stats. Because of the better stats, it’s a kind of servant that can remain in the team for the long game rather than just short term.

Stars Directory

Before checking the directory, take note also of the classes mentioned under each rarity. As there is also an attribute system, some servants may work better than other classes.

Servant Ranked By Rarity
5 Star Servants
4 Star Servants 3 Star Servants
2 Star Servants 1 Star Servants

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