[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] 2 Star Servants Directory

This article contains the directory for all 2 star class servants in Fate Grand Order.

2 Star Servants

2 Star Servants aren’t really the best. They don’t make it to the recommended servants list. However, you can still collect them. If you’re just collecting those 2 star servants, check it out below. Some of them are good enough to perform niche functions in a team, and they’re much easier to boost because they’re cheaper and more common.


Name B A Q NP Type
Musahibou Benkei 1 2 2 Arts
Leonidas 1 2 2 Buster


Name B A Q NP Type
Saint George  1 2 2 Arts
Edward Teach 1 2 2 Buster


Name B A Q NP Type
Caligula  3 1 1 Arts
Eric Bloodaxe 3 1 1 Buster


Name B A Q NP Type
Hans Christian Andersen 1 3 1 Arts
William Shakespeare 1 3 1 Buster


Name B A Q NP Type
Hassan of the Cursed Arm  1 1 3 Quick
Charles-Henri Sanson 1 1 3 Buster
Phantom of the Opera 1 1 3 Arts

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