Fate Grand Order - Fate Grand Order Beginner’s Guide

Samurai Gamer's Fate Grand Order Beginner's Guide for playing and understanding the game. If you're starting out and need a little help, check it out here.
Beginner’s Guide
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Fate Grand Order Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to our Fate Grand Order Beginner’s Guide! Fate Grand Order (otherwise typed as Fate/Grand Order) is a turn-based game that debuted in Japan in 2015. However, the game released a localized version on June 25, 2017. Fans and players dove into the world of the Fate series where they became magi themselves and summoned servants. Unlike most games however, this game does not have a competitive aspect but instead indulges players through the story. As a turn-based game, players are given time to think and strategize how to build their team to deal the most amount of damage.

Each team of servants can hold a maximum of six servants, leaving one for a support servant. Support Servants are servants that come from a player’s friends and grant Friend Points to the player owning the servant. However, players have a limited amount of which servants to pick as each servant has a summoning cost.


Servants are spirits that materialize from the Holy Grail, responding to your summons. They are known as heroes or even anti-heroes of the past but have done remarkable things in their life time. Or, humanity believed in them so much that the Holy Grail created them. In Fate/Grand Order, the summoning system is based on a gacha system where there are drop rates for certain servants. Depending on how far a player is in a story or as to what event is available, players will have a higher chance of summoning particular servants.

Each servant has their own specific class. At the same time, this also grants them different affinities towards other servants. Some have bigger multipliers than others; others have smaller multipliers despite their affinity towards those servants. As members of specific classes, each of them have specific weapons that symbolize their class. Each servant has a set of skills and can be ascended to reach higher maximum levels.

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Skills are a select set of abilities that a servant can use in battle. Depending on the servant, the mechanics across the skills can vary. There are several factors that can affect a skills’ reliability in battle:

  • Rank – The rank is usually displayed next to the skill and in letter form. The highest known rank as of the moment is EX whereas the lowest rank is E-. The rank would affect the reliability they have in battle as it affects the effects it has on the servant.
  • Cool Down – The rate of cool down can make or break a battle. Some servants that rely on Evades to survive must have low cool down rates for their skills in order to sustain themselves in combat.
  • Active/Passive – There are two kinds of skills; one being passive and the other being active. Depending on their class, the set of passive skills may vary which helps define their role in battle.

Noble Phantasm


Noble Phantasms are what players can call the “signature move” of different servants. The servants’ noble phantasms are their strongest skills and would take a awhile to charge. Players have a gauge displayed right above the servant’s name in battle which increases throughout the course of the battle. The more the player attacks, the higher this gauge will be. Once the gauge reaches 100%, players can order their servants to perform their Noble Phantasm. However, players can also overcharge it past 100% which allows players to activate the “Overcharge Effect”.

The Overcharge Effect is an effect that triggers after the player orders their servant to perform the Noble Phantasm. Once finished, the overcharge effect will take effect on the servants remaining in combat.

Craft Essences

Craft Essences are the “equipment” players put in-game. Depending on the kind of craft essence a player equips, they can also change the role of the servant in battle. Some craft essences focus on increasing the performance of a servant’s command cards, others would focus on the post-game rewards. Some craft essences also have special effects during events which make them highly sought after especially when trying to rush through an event.

After equipping a craft essence, players will then see variations of performance in battles depending on what craft essence they have.

Beginner’s Guide
Main Page 1: Main Menu Screen →

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