Fate Grand Order - How To Reroll (Reset Marathon) in 5 Easy Steps

This article contains the instructions on how to perform a Reset Marathon in Fate Grand Order.

Now, what happens if you don't get a hero you like? Simple, you run a Reset Marathon. So, what is that? Check our guide here how to do it easy.

Reroll (Reset Marathon)

A Reset Marathon is where you completely restart the game (by uninstalling and then installing the Fate Grand Order app again) to roll better heroes. As this game functions on Gacha system, sometimes the RNG may not be in your favour. Hence, the need for a Reset Marathon. If you’re looking for an easy way to run Reset Marathon, look no further than here. There will also be notes for the iOS and Android version of Fate Grand Order.

Step 1: Proceed Through The Story.

When running a Reset Marathon, you’re going to deal with running the game over and over again. But it’s alright. No matter what happens, the game will proceed as planned. Even if you make silly choices, the game’s outcome won’t change. If you know what happens, click the skip button on the upper right hand of the screen to skip the cut-scenes. However, the only scenes you cannot skip are the ones with dialogue choices.

Step 2: Heading to the Summoning Screen

After finishing two parts of the main quest – the Burning City and To the Spirit Meridian in Fuyuki, it’ll redirect you to the summoning screen. Click menu at the lower right corner where a long blue bar will appear below. There are several options to select but for now, you’ll be made to select “Summoning”.

Once in the summoning screen, you’ll notice that you’ll have 32 Saint Quartz all in all. There, click the golden “summon” button which will require 30 Saint Quartz to summon. In the original Japanese version, there was no guarantee to earn a 4 star Servant. But later news revealed that the Tutorial is bound to give you at least 1 4 star servant.

For more information about our five star servants, click here.

If you want to find out the recommended servants on the first roll, click here.

For more information about the four star servants, click here.

Gacha Tutorial Note:
The tutorial gacha and the normal gacha have varying chances. Thus, it’s possible that a five star servant may not appear in the Tutorial Gacha.

Step 3: Check your characters from the Gacha.

Before anything, check your characters. For all you know, you’ve already found a servant that can surpass a five star servant. If that’s the case, there may not be any need to run another Reset Marathon.

Recommended 4-Star Servants:

Click here to go to Recommended Servants Directory!

Servant Name Rank
Siegfried B
Le Chevalier D’Eon  A-
Elizabeth Bathory A-
Marie Antoinette B+
Saint Martha B+
Carmilla A-
Stheno B+
Hercules A++
Tamamo Cat A

Step 4: The more servants of the same star rank, the better.

As you summon certain servants of a certain star rank, the chances of summoning a servant of a similar rank increase. While it may or may not count similar ranked craft essences summoned during that roll, the chances nonetheless do still increase. However, take note also of some of the craft essences summoned as they may aid the servant in the first portion of the story.

If you want information about our four star servants, click here.

Once you found the servants that you’re happy with, proceed through the game. After all, there’s another reward if you manage to dash through the game.

Step 5: Rerolling

Now, this is where it differs for either iOS or Android. Before you start the Reset Marathon, head to the My Room portion of the menu. There, you’ll find an option which allows you to get a transfer number which will mark the accounts for your Reset Marathon. Once you get the transfer number, either write it down along with the servants as a result from the Tutorial Gacha or screenshot it. However, it’s probably better to write it down since people can get confused with screenshots as to which one it belongs to. Then, this is where it differs across different phones depending on what your OS (Operating System) is.

reset marathon


*This particular method was explored using a Samsung J7 (2016) with Android Version 5.1.1.
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Application.
  3. Head to Application Manager.
  4. Look under the Downloaded tab for Application Manager.
  5. Search for Fate Grand Order and access it.
  6. Once there, you’ll have several options such as “Force Stop”, “Uninstall”, “Move to Device Storage”, “Clear Data”, or “Clear Cache”.
  7. Select “Clear Data” then, confirm.
  8. Exit from the Application Manager and then activate Fate/Grand Order to reroll again.
  9. Make sure you write down the code before doing this to get your old servants back.


*Suggestion – Run iTunes for this. Or iCloud, you might want to reclaim some of your old accounts easily this way.
** This is based on an iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure how iOS works. I only know the old method which is to uninstall and reinstall since the iPhone’s quite outdated.
  1. Back-up your Fate Grand Order in your iCloud.
  2. Then, uninstall FGO from your phone.
  3. Download it again and then begin the reroll.
  4. If you want your old account, connect to your iCloud and get your old account back.

Bonus! Data Transfer

Not sure if you want to reroll after getting good servants? There’s a new function now known as Data Transfer. You can either access it through the main menu or use it in the My Room feature. Click there and you’ll find Data Transfer. Click the said option and you’ll generate a password. Memorize your password and it’ll save your data. Then, you can reaccess it whenever you want to should you want to reroll again and you don’t get good servants.

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  1. Rerolled for 4 hours. Got Siegfried and MHX on my first try during the rerun of saber wars 😀 DEFINITELY WORTH IT

  2. Finally rerolled a Herc and Carmilla. Only took 15 tries. Got 2 other Herc accounts and a double Emiya in the process, but I’m glad I kept going.

  3. kindly update this as in regards to android there is no need to uninstall the game to do reroll. just need to clear data and start it again. if unhappy with roll, go to settings, clear data. then roll again. also best to get numbers to be able to sort out an account you may want to get

      • i will see to it and expect it @Katherine Baskerville. also in regards to numbers i am meaning id as you can afterall save the accounts you reroll by remembering the id. then when ur satisfied thats the time you link it.

  4. You might not want to reroll at all unless for emotional reasons you just have to have a certain 4* servant. If you’re not spending any or much money on the game several places advise you to stick to leveling up 3* and below servants, becasue you have to get five of the same servant to max out the characters Nobel Phantasm. You get a ton of draws for 3* and below with the friend point system but few higher draws for free. Also, lower star servants level up faster and are easier to ascend and gain skill. So for the free or low pay player, your 3* and below will be superior to any 4 or 5* that you only have one and maybe two of. And this is not like other star rated games, many low star units even 1* have specialty uses even in the high-level content.

  5. No more Reroll Marathon 🙁 You can still start over to get the 4 star of your choice, but you’ll have to wait a week to have enough Quartz to summon 10 cards at once (which is the only way to guarantee a 4 star or higher).
    Also, you can only get 4 star servants from the tutorial summon. 5 star servants aren’t available at that time.