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This article contains all the walkthroughs in regards to Death World in the City of Demonic Fog: London in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

Guide to the fourth singularity: the Mist City: London. After clearing the area of Okeanos, the protagonist and Mash are sent to the Mist City: London to find the Holy Grail destroying Okeanos.

The Mist City: London

Finishing Okeanos, the protagonist encounters a mysterious figure armed with dual daggers appear before him in the Mist City: London. The protagonist then loses consciousness and is greeted by Mash in his room.

Upon arriving in the fog enveloped London, the pair encounter the Saber of Red in the streets.

The conversation is cut short by waves of homunculi to which the team must fend off. Along their way, the group finds out that the fog provides an entry to the mysterious entitites. The group must then search for a solution to clear the dense fog hovering over London before chaos takes over.

FGO London


London, City of Demonic Fog Knight of Londinium Demonic Fog Ridicule
One Book, One Pen Helter Skelter London Night
Another Mystery Imminent Death of the Mage’s Association Opportunity
Glorious End of Steam Angrboda Lightning Legend
Then, Beyond the Fog


  • London is a haven for Assassins for the initial phase which means that your Caster classes will thrive.
  • Eventually as you approach the middle segment, other classes will begin to appear notably the Lancer class servants, thus either the Guest servant or one of your own can perform remarkably. Consider making the team more diverse as you approach the middle phase especially class advantageous servants with single-target high damage dealing Noble Phantasm such as Robin Hood.
  • The latter half of the middle phase will pit you against a formidable Archer class, thus be prepared to assign some high NP Lancer class servants such as Cu Chulainn.
  • Towards the end of this chapter, consider swapping one of your Casters for Riders while preserving Sabers.

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