[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Login Rewards List

This page contains a list of all obtainable Login Rewards in Fate Grand Order (FGO), including the number of days played and their corresponding Gift Boxes.

Consecutive Login Rewards List

Logging in for a consecutive amount of days will allow you to get Gift Boxes as special Login Rewards. You will be able to receive them at 09:00 PM PST. Other Gift Boxes are delivered to compensate for certain maintenance schedules or other related issues in the game. For these special reasons, they may not also be given on the regular 09:00 PM PST schedule.

Note that after you have received the reward on day 7, they will restart on the next day and begin again on day 1. You can view your Consecutive and Cumulative Login Days at the Master Profile, including how many days remain until the next schedule of rewards.

Most of the rewards allow you to summon more Servants, so it is recommended to take advantage of these rewards at all times.

Consecutive Login Rewards List

Days Consecutive Login Rewards
1 Proof of Hero, Friend Point (FP) x2000
2 Proof of Hero, Saint Quartz
3 Proof of Hero, 4-Star Experience Card (All Servant Classes)
4 Proof of Hero, Saint Quartz
5 Proof of Hero, 4-Star Experience Card (All Servant Classes) x2
6 Proof of Hero, Saint Quartz x2
7 Proof of Hero, Summon Ticket

Total Login Rewards List

For playing a total number of days, you will also receive special rewards, counted as the cumulative playing days. If you miss a day of playing, it will not affect the tally of days played to earn these rewards.

Days Total Login Rewards
10 Saint Quartz x4
20 Saint Quartz x4
30 Saint Quartz x4
40 Saint Quartz x4
50 Saint Quartz x4
75 Saint Quartz x10
100 Saint Quartz x20
* Saint Quartz x20

*For every 50 days after

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