[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Saint Martha: Skills, Stats and, Strategies

This article contains the stats, strategy, and guide for Rider - Saint Martha. We will update this as soon as the game comes out.

This article contains the skills, stats, growth, and ability of Saint Martha of the Rider class from Fate Grand Order [FGO]. If you want to see our Saint Martha (Ruler), click here.

Saint Martha

HP 2090 ATK 2090
Max HP 13068 Max ATK 8014


  • Saint Martha is a good supporting Servant, with the ability to remove the drawbacks of some powerful Noble Phantasms that leave their users stunned, such as Tamamo Cat or Jeanne d’Arc.
  • However, because she is a support character, she would have to rely on her teammates to deal most of the damage while she keeps them healthy.
  • Miracle is her most important skill, allowing her to both heal her party and remove their debuffs. This is useful for self-inflicted stuns, such as with Tamamo Cat‘s and Jeanne d’Arc‘s Noble Phantasms, or if the enemy managed to cast any on the party.
  • Mash Kyrielight and Saint Martha together can form an absolute defense team: Mash can buff DEF and reduce incoming damage (Wall of Brittle Snowflakes), and give invulnerability (Wall of Fuming Chalk), while Saint Martha heals and removes debuffs with Miracle. However, they would have to rely on a third party member to deal damage, or otherwise on Martha’s Noble Phantasm, Tarasque.
  • Saint Martha can also pair up with a more offensive-oriented Caster-class, such as Mephistopheles. Martha can remove the DEF penalty for his skill, Innocent Monster, allowing him to gain C. Stars without drawbacks. Meanwhile, Mephistopheles can cover Martha’s weakness to Assassin-class enemies, while also dealing more damage for the team.
  • Overall, Saint Martha can fit on a variety of teams, giving them the support they need.

Best Equipment

  • Saint Martha will want Craft Essences that either boost her DEF, for more efficient healing, or Arts Card Performance.
  • Iron-Willed Training is one of the best Craft Essences for DEF, boosting it by 15-20%.
  • Projection and Formal Craft are both Craft Essences that increase Arts Card Performance, which will be good with her many Arts Command Cards.


Strength D Endurance C
Agility B Mana A
Luck A+ NP A+



Name Rank Description
Magic Resistance A Increases own resistance to debuffs by 20%.
Riding Skill A++ Increases own Quick card performance by 11.5%.
Divinity C Increases own damage by 150.


Certain skills are unlockable via “ascending” a servant. This also requires a certain set of items to increase their max level cap and their stats. While doing so, the player also unlocks the interlude quest of that particular servant.

If you’re looking for Saint Martha’s Interlude Quest, click here.

Name Rank Turns CD Description
Protection of the Faith A 3 7 Increases own debuff resistance for 3 turns.
Recovers own HP.
Miracle D 1 8 Recovers party’s HP.
Removes party’s debuffs.
Vow of the Saintess C 3 7 Target enemy buff removal.
Defense down on one enemy for 3 turns.

Noble Phantasm


Rank A+
Classification Anti-Army
Type Buster
Effect Deals heavy damage to all enemies.
Overcharge Effect Greatly decrease defense of all enemies for 3 turns.
Hit Count 1


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 4 Rider Pieces 50,000
2 8 Rider Pieces 15 Dragon Fang 150,000
3 4 Rider Monuments 3 Claw of Chaos 10 Seed of Yggdrasil 500,000
4 8 Rider Monuments 5 Claw of Chaos 4 Reverse Dragon Scale 1,500,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1 4 Gem of Rider 100,000
2 10 Gem of Rider 200,000
3 4 Magic Gem of Rider 600,000
4 10 Magic Gem of Rider 5 Seed of Yggdrasil 800,000
5 4 Secret Gem of Rider 10 Seed of Yggdrasil 2,000,000
6 10 Secret Gem of Rider 10 Dragon Fang 2,500,000
7 4 Phoenix Feather 20 Dragon Fang 5,000,000
8 12 Phoenix Feather 8 Heart of the Foreign God 6,000,000
9 1 Crystallized Lore 10,000,000


Saint Martha lived as a disciple of the Messiah. She is the sister of Mary of Bethany and Lazarus, the man Jesus resurrected from the dead.

When the Messiah was executed, Saint Martha dodged any attempts to execute her as a Christian. By the grace of God, she made her way to France where she continued to spread the word of God. However, Saint Martha also had another legend to her. As a dragon-tamer, she calmed an evil dragon named Tarasque. Ever since then, Tarasque served as Saint Martha’s mount.

As a person and even as a servant, she retained her sweet and kind demanour. Saint Martha remained chaste and compassionate. Her village upbringing may have been a cause for this. But it also became a part of her personality.


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  1. It`s worth notices that Saint Martha has a star absorption of 205. While she can remove def down debuff from Innocent Monster she can also drawn the star generated by this skill from her teammates, which is a good thing if Martha is your main attacker (this is unlikely since Martha has a pitiful attack stat and no crit damage buff skill). If Martha act as a support in your art crit team then your team main attacker is required to have better star absorption rate than her, and since Martha can genrate star ce 2030 is also required in such team comp

    • Hi, as of the moment we plan on including the 2030 when it comes out. Thanks for sharing, I agree that when it comes to passing C. Stars to the offensive servant, the player should also consider ones with better C. Star absorption.