[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Mata Hari: Skills, Stats and, Strategies


This article contains the skills, stats, strategy, and ability of Mata Hari of the Assassin class from Fate Grand Order [FGO].

Mata Hari

Mata Hari

HP 977 ATK 1313
Max HP 6,565 Max ATK 5,377


  • Mata Hari is not an attacker, by any means, but she has various ways to disable enemies with Charm or lower both their ATK and DEF.
  • Mata Hari’s Pheromone disregards gender, so she’s more flexible than usual charmers. It’s best to prioritize leveling it up, because it also reduces enemies’ DEF. Double Cross is another useful skill to level up, because it gives a unique Skill Seal debuff, and also lowers DEF.
  • Mata Hari can work together with other Servants with charm skills. Most notably, there is Alexander, who also has a charm that disregards gender in Charming Youth. He is also a Rider-class, which covers Mata Hari’s weakness to Casters. Other Servants for disabling enemies include Medusa, with a potent Petrify in Mystic Eyes, or Stheno, with Siren Song, for male enemies.
  • Given her 3 Quick Cards, 1 Buster Card, and 1 Arts Card, she also fits well on Quick-heavy teams, but she does not have much offensive power at all. Still, this will allow her to function in and support such teams, especially those with Atalante, Marie Antoinette, or other Assassins like Carmilla, Stheno, and Hassan.

Best Equipment

  • For her Craft Essences, it’s best to have ones that will support her allies.
  • Mata Hari’s Max Bond Craft Essence, Priceless Jewels, increases the NP gain of all allies by 15% for as long as she’s on the field, allowing her to fulfill another support role. Alternatively, Divine Banquet can be used for increased NP generation, or Kaleidoscope for an automatic 80% charge to NP.
  • If employing her on a Quick-heavy team, Be Elegant lets her accumulate more C. Stars.


Strength E Endurance E
Agility E Mana E
Luck D NP A+



Name Rank Description


Certain skills are unlockable via “ascending” a servant. This also requires a certain set of items to increase their max level cap and their stats. While doing so, the player also unlocks the interlude quest of that particular servant.

If you’re looking for Mata Hari’s Interlude Quest, click here.

Name Rank Turns CD Description
Espionage A++ 3 7 Promotes self’s critical star generation rate.
Pheromone B 3 8 Chance to charm all enemies for 1 turn.
Lowers all enemies’ Def.
Double Cross B 3 8 Skill Seal for 1 turn.
Lowers enemy Def.

Noble Phantasm

Mata Hari

Rank A
Classification Anti-Army
Type Arts
Effect Chance to Charm all enemies.
 Overcharge Effect Greatly decreases the Attack and Defense of all enemies for 1 turn.
Hit Count


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Assassin Pieces 10,000
2nd 4 Assassin Pieces 2 Phoenix Feathers 30,000
3rd 2 Assassin Monuments 4 Eternal Gear 2 Ghost Lanterns 90,000
4th 4 Assassin Monuments 4 Serpent Jewels 4 Ghost Lanterns 300,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Gems of Assassin 10,000
2nd 4 Gems of Assassin 20,000
3rd 2 Magic Gems of Assassin 60,000
4th 4 Magic Gems of Assassin 2 Eternal Gear 80,000
5th 2 Secret Gems of Assassin 4 Eternal Gear 200,000
6th 4 Secret Gems of Assassin 2 Phoenix Feathers 250,000
7th 2 Homunculus Baby 3 Phoenix Feathers 500,000
8th 6 Homunculus Baby 7 Serpent Jewels 600,000
9th 1 Crystallized Lore 1,000,000


An undercover lady from the underworld, whose duty was considered peculiar.

She appears as a strip dancer, using her legs to put soldiers in a trance.

Looking back, her past was clouded in darkness. With her father’s company ending in bankruptcy and pursuing relations with other women; while her mother lived an anxious life and passing away while Mata Hari was at a young age.

When Mata Hari grew, she wed a man whose lifestyle aggravated her condition. Living with her husband who practiced even worse vice with the addition of alcohol and violence, Mata Hari went and pursued a role which paid a high price in the end, the risk of her own life.

As a Heroic Spirit, she longs for a house that she could share with her beloved, which unfortunately she realizes as an impossible dream.


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