Fate Grand Order - Kara no Kyoukai Guide – Apartment Ghosts Farming Guide

Farming Guide for the Apartment Ghosts during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Looking for an easy way to farm the Apartment Ghosts? Check out our FGO Kara no Kyoukai Guide for that here!

Apartment Ghosts Farming

Apartment Ghosts are creatures that appear only during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Otherwise, they’re known as ghosts in the other levels. Like their other ghost cousins, they appear only under one class which is the Assassin class. Being an Assassin class enemy means multiple things:

  1. Apartment Ghosts only need 3 turns before they can use their special move.
  2. They are weak against Caster class servants.
  3. They have relatively small HP and low defense.

Because of this, they can be quite easy to farm depending on what kind of team you run. However, the Apartment Ghosts can be irritating especially since they’re capable of draining a servant’s NP.

FGO Apartment Ghost


Tips and Tricks: Apartment Ghosts Farming Guide

Since all the Apartment Ghosts are Assassin class in nature, they’re weak against Caster class servants. The main issue now would be coming up with a proper composition which would help you easily farm the Apartment Ghosts.

Caster Class Servants

Tutorial Video

For another kind of tutorial, check this video out:

Best Place to Farm: Rooms 502, Apartment Entrance

The Apartment Entrance has nothing but the Apartment Ghosts. However, like all early game stages, they appear to have a small cap of around 8 which can be quite sad and annoying in that sense. Mid-event and late event, you can go to Room 502. Room 502 only has two classes: Berserker and Assassin. Since Vlad III’s planning to be that special snowflake Berserker, bringing a full Caster team won’t be a problem. Since Berserker class servants take extra damage from all classes, stacking up Caster class servants won’t be a problem.

However, make sure you combine the right Caster class servants. Cramming all sorts of Caster class servants may not exactly best idea. So, you’re going to have to choose what kind of Caster class servants you’re going to have to bring.

Recommended Servants:

FGO Nursery RhymeNursery Rhyme FGO Elisabeth Bathory HalloweenElisabeth Bathory (Halloween) FGO Cu Chulainn CasterCu Chulainn Caster FGO Tamamo no MaeTamamo no Mae

When choosing among the Caster class servants, there are several kinds. These include Wave Clearers, Supports, and Debuff Removal. Supports include Tamamo no Mae, Hans Christian Andersen, Zhuge Liang, and Medea Lily who heal and support their allies in battle. Tamamo no Mae and Zhuge Liang specifically are capable of increasing the NP Gauge of their allies with the former using her Noble Phantasm and the other his set of skills.

Wave Clearers include Nursery RhymeElisabeth Bathory (Halloween), and Cu Chulainn CasterNursery Rhyme

Craft Essence of Choice: Chorus

FGO Chorus Craft EssenceChorus Craft Essence

The Chorus Craft Essence is a craft essence that would also work well with crit-based servants. But during the event, the Chorus increases the spawn rates of both the Apartment Skeletons and the Apartment Ghosts. However, the rate as to which one will spawn more will depend on the stage you go to. Unlike the other Craft essences, the Chorus Craft Essence  shares with two enemies which makes the rate of how much the apartment ghosts will spawn a little more dependent on the room you choose to grind in.

FGO Kara no Kyoukai Guide: Enemies Farming

FGO Skeleton Apartment Skeleton FGO Base ModelBase Model FGO Living CorpseLiving Corpse
FGO Vengeful Spirit of the Seven PeopleVengeful Spirit of Seven People FGO Apartment GhostApartment Ghost

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