[Fate Grand Order / FGO] QP Farming Guide

This article contains the QP Farming Guide which provides the Basic Information, and efficient ways to obtain QP.

How to use QP


The abbreviation QP denotes Quantum Piece. It is the in-game currency that is earned and spent in Fate Grand Order (FGO). It has a number of uses namely: leveling Servants, crafting Essences, Skill reinforcements, Upgrading NP, and Ascensions.

In order to earn QP, either finish Quests, or receive it from the Shrine’s Spiritual Change.

Best Way to earn QP

Daily Quests offer a number of rewards which vary depending on the day of the week. To collect Quantum Pieces efficiently, be sure to partake of the Daily Quest in Chaldea Gate – Enter the Treasure Vault.

In comparison to Ember Gathering, the enemy classes encountered during Enter the Treasure Vault Daily Quest consist of Caster servants that haunt the Chaldea gate making it easy to sweep through if you can dedicate a Rider Class party.

Search for a friend that has a high level Servant such as Jeanne d’Arc Ruler, preferably one of the recommended 5 Star ones to carry you on the high AP cost Daily Event Quests. This not only refills your AP upon attaining the next Master level but also adds up whatever AP you had leftover, putting the total AP on your gauge above the maximum capacity.

Recommended Free Quests that reward QP

Apart from the above mentioned Daily Quests, there are multiple Free Quests that reward a high amount of QP. Below is a list of recommended Free Quests.


Unconfirmed Coordinate X-G

Quest Danger Zone
AP Cost 15 Recommended Level 40
EXP 11380 Bond Points 830
QP 8800 QP / AP 586.7 / AP


Bountiful Sea (Unavailable)

Quest Secret Passage
AP Cost 18 Recommended Level 60
EXP 12552 Bond Points 615
QP 8320 QP / AP 462.2 / AP

Okeanos – Caldera Island (Unavailable)

Quest Unexplored Island
AP Cost 17 Recommended Level 54
EXP 3336 Bond Points 555
QP 7540 QP efficiency 443.5 / AP

Okeanos – Reef Waters (Unavailable)

Quest Ship Graveyard
AP Cost 17 Recommended Level 50
EXP 8152 Bond Points 515
QP 7020 QP efficiency 412.9 / AP

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  1. This is the worst guide I have ever seen, 5-15k per run? Have you even played the game? the 40ap quest for QP gives up to 1mil QP per run lol.