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This is a Fate Grand Order (FGO) Wiki and Strategy Guide page for the online role-playing game developed by Delightworks and published by Type-Moon.

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Mad Party 2017 - The Adventure of the Singing Pumpkin Castle

Game Overview

Fate Grand Order (FGO) is a game that gathers all the heroes from different times. Each of them battle for their own reasons. Their masters summon their heroes in hopes of gaining the Holy Grail to have it grant their wishes. Each of the heroes in Fate Grand Order have a special ability that allows them to survive in battle. It’s because of this that many of the heroes resort to different strategies and buffs in order to survive.

Fate Grand Order‘s main story is a collection of seven chapters and seven stages of humanity’s history. It is a part of a branching world stemming from a timeline split before Clock Tower 2015 during the final era where sorcery exists, triggered by the actions of Lev Lainur Flauros. His supposed suicide in Clock Tower 2015 should have allowed the world to continue normally, though he chose not to do so. This resulted in Fate Grand Order.

The game narrates the efforts of the Chaldea Security Organization in its mission to restore the Common Sense of Man. To achieve this, it must excise the Holy Grails that sustain the chronological Singularities that caused the imbalance of human history and thus contributing to Human Order Incineration Protocol. This has been called the Grand Order, known as “the greatest of the Holy Grail Wars”.

Fate Grand Order follows the tale of Ritsuka Fujimaru, an unlikely youth who is chosen as one of the “Master Candidates” to travel back in time to correct the distortions of the past to save humanity from extinction. He is accompanied by Mash Kyrielite, a Servant known as Shielder, on his perilous quest.


English Trailer Features Dr. Jekyll and Mephistopheles (June 5, 2017)

With the mobile role-playing game Fate Grand Order (FGO) set for release this Summer 2017, Aniplex USA releases two Servant trailers for the Assassin and Caster class – Dr. Jekyll and Mephistopheles.

Click here to read the full story.

Battle System

Fate Grand Order‘s gameplay is centered around encounters called Battles. The player takes on the role of Master and gives orders to his or her Servants in defeating various foes in the game. Players must complete Quests, which consist of 1 to 5 stages of Battles.

Fate Grand Order battle

Fate Grand Order utilizes the turn-based combat system still very popular today. Each Servant in the player’s party has access to various attacks, skill and special Command Cards and Sells that must be used strategically to gain the advantage in combat.

Stages of Battles

  • Normal Battle Stage

In Fate Grand Order, the enemies encountered will be of average difficulty and are the most abundant in the game. They are usually the first strings of combat as the player makes his or her way to the Quest’s boss at the end.

  • Fatal Battle Stage

Fatal Battles will feature the same types of enemies encountered in Normal Battle. However, these battles in Fate Grand Order add a little twist. Some of these twists include fighting bosses with buffed HP and damage, making them increasingly difficult to beat. Bosses are most commonly Servants themselves, though it is not always the case.

  • Grand Battle Stage

Grand Battles are the most challenging types of encounters during Quests. They will pit players with an exceptionally strong and unique boss. Grand Battles will reward the player with one-time rewards, should he or she complete them.

Character Introduction

  • Ritsuka Fujimaru

An unlikely youth who gets swept in to the events of the Grand Order, Ritsuka is taken into the Chaldea Security Orgainization and becomes a Master Candidate to correct the present and future by traveling to the past. He meets and befriends a mysterious girl named Mash who is in fact a Demi-Servant fused with Sir Galahad, one of the Knights of the Round Table.

  • Mash Kyrielight

A kind-hearted and well-meaning girl, Mash Kyrielight (also known as Shielder) is a Demi-Servant who works at the Chaldea Security Organization. She is a product of Chaldea’s efforts to bind a Heroic Spirit to a human being, thus serving as a vessel for Sir Galahad of the Round Table. She meets Ritsuka and begins to develop a partnership with him.


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Game Fate Grand Order
Genre Role-Playing
Platform Android / iOs
Developer Delightworks
Publisher Type-Moon
Release date Summer 2017

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