[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Drop your User ID here!

This article contains a page where one can exchange IDs and add more friends for Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article contains a page where one can exchange their User ID and add more friends for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. Drop your IDs in the comment box below!

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Drop your User ID!

User ID

Welcome to Fate Grand Order! In Fate Grand Order, one can employ a Support Servant. These Support Servants belong to other players who place them on their Support Set-Up Roster. If the User is part of your Friend List then, one can access the Noble Phantasm of the said servant.

How to Add Friends

Main Article: How To Add Friends

Adding friends requires one to go into the Friends option in the Main Menu. There, one can click Friend Request and input the User ID to gain more friends. However, take note – one only has a limited amount of friends depending per level. But nonetheless, one can’t have too many friends especially when battling high level enemies.

Drop your User ID here!

So, there you have it. Drop your User ID in the comment box below and gain new allies to aid one in finishing quests!

If you want to add an ID or two, check our writers and players down below.

Katherine Baskerville: 605,630,778

Junior Representative: 229,670,288

Well, what you’re waiting for? Drop your ID here and find some friends!

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Id 438,872,198




Umm, pretty new to the game would be amazing to get all the help I can get! NA name= rufus code =737-207-765




I have Jeanne d’ arc. My user ID is 091,840,485

I’m leveling my Rama and Marie, will switch them out as soon as their stats surpass the ones I already have up
ID: 147,702,507

All – Carmilla – 50
Saber – Lily (will switch to Rama soon)
Lancer – Max Foud Cu FSN – 70
Archer – Emiya – 75
Rider – Medusa (will switch to Marie soon) – 60
Caster – Nursery Rhyme – 70
Assassin – Ryougi Shiki – 70
Berserker – Kiyohime – 50



952 710 463

All : Edmond Dantes
Saber : Salter
Archer : Arjuna
Lancer : Fionn
Rider : Medusa
Caster : Medea
Assassin : Shiki
Berserker : Tamamo Cat

052 681 622
im new player
Nero Caudius (Bride) – 60 // NP : 1/5
Robin Hood – 40 // NP : 2/5
Elizabeth Balthory – 50 // NP : 1/5
Medea – 40 // NP : 2/5
Jing Ke – 40 // NP : 1/5
Kiyohime – 40 // NP : 4/5

052 681 622 add me please :3

Waver, Drake, Saber Alter, Herc, Emiya

cant seem to send junior rep a friend req due to being full and i sent u a request @Katherine Baskerville

Katherine Baskerville

Hi SwordofSeptem! Will get to you in a bit. ???? There’s a maintenance going on. Gimme a couple of hours and will add you in a bit. ????


also just a tip try to cover (if you have tons of articles to work on in other games) weekly master missions and when there is events (farming guide to them and which repeatable quest will it be best to farm the ff materials). that will surely draw people here

Katherine Baskerville

Have been doing that actually. Made a recent master mission guide. It appears on the home page for Fate/GO wiki. ????

But thank you for the reminder! Will be focusing on this more! ????

not sure if your still updating and playing the game but please do update some of your articles as well as covering more ground in regards to events. as i think it will draw attention to your site.

sent a friend request either way. just started out a few weeks ago
just stumbled on your site in regards to the alter event.


Saber: Altera – Code Cast (+ATK/DEF by 25% over 3 turns)

Archer: Atalante – The Imaginary Element (Start with 60% NP)

Lancer: Scathach – Kaleidoscope (Start with 80% NP)

Rider: Anne Bonnie & Mary Read – Iron-Willed Training (+25% DEF)

Caster: Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween) – Anchors Aweigh (Restore 100HP/turn)

Assassin: Stheno – Halloween Princess (NP STR +15%, begin with 30% NP)

Berserker: Tamamo Cat – Kaleidoscope (Start with 80% NP)




Don’t have much now, but I joined the game after all the fancy starts. Gimme time and I will be kickass!

Gilgamesh – 90
Altera – 80
EMIYA – 70
Lancer Cu – 60
Medusa – 40 (soon change her for Marie)
Elisabeth Bathory (halloween) – 80
Sasaki – 60
Vlad III – 60

Vlad III – 60
Francis Drake – 60
Emiya – 60
Altria Pendragon(Lily) – 60
Heracles – 50
Elisabeth Bathory – 50
Stheno – 50
Elisabeth Bathory(Halloween) – 1 (currently, will be capped soon)

ID: 784,471,015
Jeanne lv 50
Saber Alter lv 50
EMIYA lv 48
Tamamo Cat lv 50

All with 5 star craft essences, I hope they are usefull

ID: 784,471,015
Jeanne lv 50
Saber Alter lv 50
EMIYA lv 48
Tamamo Cat lv 50

All with 5 star craft essences, I hope they are usefull