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This article contains the Recommended Servants for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. However, the servants listed here are their abilities based on Patch 1.1.0 and may suffer from changes in the latter patches. Thus, please expect some updates for this article should a new patch come out.

This article contains the Recommended Servants for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. However, the servants listed here are their abilities based on Patch 1.1.0.

Recommended Servants

When rolling for Servants, you need to know what’s good for you at the first part or the latter part. The game is then divided into three portions: early, mid, and later. In the early parts of the game, some heroes won’t be so appreciated. After all, their abilities would become more useful in the latter parts of the game. In the early parts of the game, you’re just trying to build your team. The mid part of the game is trying to get accustomed to your build. And finally, the latter part of the game is where you go all out.

For this list, this is our current criteria for choosing what servants are recommended:

  • Forgiveness Level – This assumes that the servant is easy to play. This includes the player not having to think so hard and early game players can simply break through the enemies.
  • Sustainability – Some servants may be powerful but have terrible sustainability, becoming more of a liability in battle.
  • Situational Adaptability – Some servants have better adaptability than others, making them increasingly well sought out for.
Source: OnRPG Website
However, there are some servants that may appear only in events. This may make them quite difficult to obtain. Thus, the recommended servants will be as much as possible non-event servants or servants unlockable via story. Also, this is based on the current patch of 1.8.1. This article contains the Recommended Servants for Fate Grand Order USA. However, the servants listed here are their abilities based on Patch 1.8.1 and may suffer from changes in the latter patches. Thus, please expect some updates for this article should a new patch come out.

Recommended Servants: Farming

One of the most common things players will probably be doing would be farming the training grounds to death. And ever since the 1.5.0 patch, the Fate/Grand Order farming grounds has changed and adapted the one from the JP version. Henceforth, some teams might be different than others. Depending on what day the player intends to farm, here are some servants who can make one’s lives easier in terms of farming.

Common factors that make these recommended servants good for farming:

  • They have multi-hit noble phantasms.
  • They focus on powering their Noble Phantasm either by strengthening it or reducing the time it takes to charge.
  • Some of these servants have skills that work well against certain creatures.
I’ll also be taking note of the servants that most people may have. However, I will also mention some possible substitutes should RNGesus not grant us magi the recommended servants we are looking for.


Rank Name Class Remarks
1 Gilgamesh Archer Majority of the enemies are weak to Enuma Elish which is his Noble Phantasm. At the same time, his stats alone can make everything look bad. In a general situation, he can easily wipe through enemies.
2 Altera Saber Hyper offensive Saber class servant. If given the Halloween Princess CE + Tactics (Lv. 4), she can deal an average of 80,000 damage on neutral affinity.
3 Francis Drake Rider One of the few noble phantasm-focused Rider class servants. Voyager of the Storm increases NP strength, Pioneer of the Stars increases gauge and Golden Rule increases the Arts Card output for NP charge.
4  Nursery Rhyme Caster She can farm Assassin-type enemies easily. One of the few Caster class servants with a offense-based noble phantasm.
5 Siegfried Saber Best for Dragon Farming. If paired with Georgios, they can make a formidable team because of the Ascalon + Balmung combo.
6 Scathach Lancer As one of the strongest Lancer class servants, she can deal a ton of damage against Archer class enemies. She’s a hard counter to Gilgamesh not only because of the servant affinity but also having Godslayer as one of her skills.
7 Kiyohime  Berserker Her NP has a low chance of inflicting Stun and deals Burn lingering damage. She also has Morph that gives her some survivability. With the Heaven’s Feel CE/ Halloween Princess CE, she can deal heavy damage. For more survivability, she can also use March of the Saint which heals and increases NP gauge.
8  Oda Nobunaga Archer  She has Three Line Formation which is Anti-Army, making her a viable Servant Hunter especially those with Riding skill. And she can also become a Divine-killer, using Unifying the Nation by Force skill.
9 Phantom of the Opera Assassin As one of the few Assassins with a multi-hit noble phantasm, he can farm Rider class enemies if players don’t have Siegfried.
10 Elisabeth Bathory Lancer One of the few Lancers that have 2 Arts Cards attached to her which makes her viable also for an Arts Team, giving her a chance to charge up her Noble Phantasm.

Honorary Mentions

  • Gilles De Rais (Caster) – Despite his horrid looks, Gilles De Rais (Caster) also has a multi-hit noble phantasm. However, his skills are quite focused more on depleting servants than killing all sorts of enemies.
  • Cu Chulainn (Caster) – As one of the early game servants, players can easily max out his NP to Lv 5 if they summon often. Similar to Kiyohime , he can inflict Burn and apply a Defense Demerit. Unfortunately, he sits below because of Kiyohime’s latent Madness Enhancement that boosts the power of her NP and that her NP is Rank EX while his is only Rank B.
  • Romulus – His NP deals heavy damage to all enemies plus he has an attack increase. Unfortunately, his ability to charge up his Noble Phantasm takes quite awhile in comparison to most servants as he only has 1 Arts Card.
  • Cu Chulainn (Prototype) – Best used for killing Beast-type enemies especially upon gaining 3rd Ascension. Though, his noble phantasm is only single target.
  • Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) – Her base stats are not as great as the other servants. However, her noble phantasm can inflict a lot of damage especially if she combos with Mana Burst and a Buster-Focused CE. She’s more a setup and building up NP Gauges rather than offense.

Recommended Servants: Boss Battles

Boss Battles usually happen at the end of the Singularity. Often times, these bosses inflict heavy damage no matter what the class. They fight similarly to Berserkers only to have resistances to all classes. So, one of the few options may also include sustaining yourself throughout the fight or preventing them from ever using their special skill.

Rank Name Class Role
1 Cu Chulainn Lancer Tank
2 Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Lancer Tank
3 Carmilla Assassin Offense/NP Drain
4 Zhuge Liang Caster Support/ NP Drain
5  Jeanne D’ Arc Ruler Tank/Support
6 Tamamo no Mae Caster Support
7 Heracles  Berserker Offense
8 Gilgamesh Archer Offense
9  Hector Lancer Debuff/Buff/NP Drain
10  Boudica Rider Tank

Recommended Servants: Buster Team

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For this kind of team build, the most recommended servants would come from the Berserker class. Their innate Madness Enhancement already gives them the boost for their Buster cards and majority of them have 3 Buster Cards. Servants such as Heracles rank high on the table because of him being able to inflict 30,000 damage without even using his Noble Phantasm.

Rank Name Class
1 Heracles Berserker
2 Tamamo Cat Berserker
3 Altera Saber
4 Vlad III Berserker
5 Kiyohime Berserker
6 Sakata Kintoki Berserker
7 Darius III Berserker
8  Francis Drake Rider
9 Altria Pendragon Saber
10 Romulus Lancer

Recommended Servants: Arts Team

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For this kind of team build, the most recommended servants would come from the Caster class. Majority of the Caster Class servants have Territory Creation which has at least 3 Arts Cards in their deck. However, there are other servants that can perform Arts Chains even if not from the Caster class. Team Builds here can split from Sustain, Offense, or Hybrid Offense-Sustain.

Rank Name Class Build & Role
1 Zhuge Liang Caster Offense-Sustain/ Set Up
2 Nursery Rhyme Caster Offense
3 EMIYA Archer Offense
4 Tamamo no Mae Caster  Sustain; Support
5 Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) Caster Offense; Set Up & Offense
6 Jeanne D’ Arc Ruler Sustain/ Support
7 Saint Martha Rider Offense
8 Gilles De Rais Caster  Offense
9 Hans Christian Andersen Caster Sustain/ Support
10  Medea Lily Caster Sustain/ Support

Recommended Servants: Quick Team

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Quick Teams are a little more complex as they have different mechanics. One mechanic they include is the Critical Stars which dictate the chances of the servants to deal critical hits. Most of the servants here will have Quick Cards which allow them to gather as many C. Stars as they can. Hence, majority of the recommended servants will either have a variety of both or one of the two. However, the Critical Stars also have other mechanics:

  • C. Star Drop – C. Star Drop is the amount of critical stars gained when a servant attacks an enemy.
  • C. Star Gather – The stars are then split among the different servants. The servant with the highest rate of C. Star Gather will take in the most stars. Ergo, will also have the highest chances of inflicting Critical Hits.
Rank Name Class
1 Jack the Ripper Assassin
2 Okita Souji Saber
3 Atalante Archer
4 Scathach Lancer
5 Cu Chulainn Lancer
6 Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Lancer
7 Medusa Rider
8 Jing Ke Assassin
9 Hassan-i-Sabbah Assassin
10 Sasaki Koujiro Assassin

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