[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Spartacus: Skills, Stats and, Strategies


This article contains information about Spartacus, a Berserker Class Servant from Fate Grand Order [FGO].


HP 922 ATK 1544
Max HP 7,722 Max ATK 5,073


  • Spartacus is a Berserker with both power and longevity, given his various HP-recovery skills and Guts, as well as a DEF-ignoring Noble Phantasm in Crying Warmonger.
  • With 3 Buster Cards, 1 Arts Card, and 1 Quick Card, Spartacus is at his best dealing damage to enemies.
  • When leveling up his skills, focus on Honor of Suffering, because it gives him a very powerful HP regen as it keeps going up. However, all of his skills are useful: Unyielding Will gives him Guts status and replenishes his NP gauge, while Triumphant Return of the Sword powers up his Buster card and restores HP even more.
  • Spartacus works well with defensive support units who can give him some breathing room to recover HP. One good example is Jeanne d’Arc, whose Noble Phantasm renders him invulnerable to attacks, so that he can regenerate any lost HP. Mash Kyrielight is another good teammate who can apply invincibility, and also boost defense, which, again, pairs well with HP regen. She can also taunt enemies, drawing attacks away from Spartacus.
  • On the other hand, William Shakespeare gives decent offensive support, boosting the power of Buster-type attacks even more with Enchant, while King’s Troupe can be used to regenerate NP. Also, his Noble Phantasm, First Folio, can stun all enemies, giving the party a chance to recover from enemy attacks.

Best Equipment

  • Since Spartacus already has a lot of tools to recover HP, his Craft Essences can give him a boost in power, or let him fire off his Noble Phantasm much easier.
  • Kaleidoscope is a good CE that gives 80-100% starting NP gauge, letting him hit right off the bat. The Imaginary Element and Dragon’s Meridian are weaker alternatives, but they’re much easier to obtain.
  • For damage, any CEs that boost Buster attacks are the most efficient ways to increase his offense. The Crimson Black Keys are the most common, but Verdant Sound of Destruction and Limited/Zero Over are rarer, but much stronger.


Strength A Endurance EX
Agility D Mana E
Luck D NP C



Name Rank Description
Berserker Enhancement EX Heightens damage of unit’s Buster Cards by 12%.


Name Rank Turns CD Description
Honor of Suffering B 5 9 Applies self HP regeneration.
Honor of Suffering B+ 5 9  Applies self HP regeneration.
 Unyielding Will A 5 9 Applies self guts status. (Revives with 1 HP)
Accumulates self NP gauge.
Triumphant Return of the Sword B 1 8  Raises self’s Buster card performance.
Restores self’s HP.

Noble Phantasm

Crying Warmonger

Rank A
Classification Anti-Unit
Type Buster
Effect Deal heavy DEF-ignoring damage to all enemies
 Overcharge Effect Recovers own HP.
Hit Count 1


Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Berserker Pieces 10,000
2nd 4 Berserker Pieces 3 Octuplet Crystals 30,000
3rd 2 Berserker Monuments 2 Homunculus Baby 10 Proof of Hero 90,000
4th 4 Berserker Monuments 4 Homunculus Baby 12 Evil Bones 300,000

Skill Reinforcement

Stage Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st 2 Gems of Berserker 10,000
2nd 4 Shining Gems of Berserker 20,000
3rd 2 Magic Gems of Berserker 60,000
4th 4 Magic Gems of Berserker 5 Proof of Hero 80,000
5th 2 Secret Gems of Berserker 10 Proof of Hero 200,000
6th 4 Secret Gems of Berserker 2 Octuplet Crystals 250,000
7th 3 Seeds of Yggdrasil 4 Octuplet Crystals 500,000
8th 8 Seeds of Yggdrasil 24 Evil Bones 600,000
9th 1 Crystallized Lore 1,000,000


A gladiator who descends from Ancient Rome, Spartacus’ name was engraved in records as the hope for the oppressed.

As a Heroic Spirit, he seems to be peaceful at first and will obey his Master’s commands. However, if Spartacus notices the slightest of his Master’s “bossy” attitude, he will turn away and rebel against him.

When faced as an enemy, he is a threat due to his level of resistance against Command Spells.


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