[Fate Grand Order/FGO] Recommended Servant Team Builds

This article will cover Recommended Servant Team Builds for Fate Grand Order/FGO. It includes different types of teams, how they work in battle, and servants that fit in those types of teams.

Planning Servant Team Builds

There are three main things to take note of when planning teams in FGO: the active party, the support character, and the reserve party. You have the most control over the active party and the reserve party.

The support character will largely depend on the Servants that your friends have set. Sometimes there are also provided Servants for certain sections of the story. You have the least control over the support character, because even the equipped Craft Essence will depend on the other players. Thus, it’s best not to rely on them too much. Focus on preparing self-sustainable active and reserve parties. Then, you can just find a support that will complement their strengths and weaknesses.

When building a team, it’s also important to keep in mind the Servant Attributes. Each battle will show the common attributes that the enemies will have, but a lot of them have several mixed classes. So it’s good to prepare Servants that can cover each other’s weaknesses in battle.

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind would be the Command Cards of each Servant. You can see these on their respective Servant pages. By getting Servants with good compatibility in terms of Command Cards, you can easily trigger Command Card Chains.

Now, let’s go to the different types of teams.

Buster Teams

Buster teams are all about dealing damage by making the most out of Buster Chains. They excel in breaking down strong, high-HP targets, especially boss Servants in Grand Battles.

The downside is that Buster cards have the lowest NP generation. This means that you’ll have to compensate in other ways if you want to use your Noble Phantasms a lot. Furthermore, most Buster-type Servants are Berserkers, which have low defenses, so you’ll have to cover for them, as well.

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Arts and Noble Phantasm Teams

Arts teams are all about maximizing Arts attacks and charging the NP gauge to unleash powerful Noble Phantasms. By focusing on NP gain, the Servants can easily defeat both single targets and waves of enemies with their varied Noble Phantasms.

The downside is that Arts attacks do not generate many C. Stars, if at all. Thus, the party will not be able to make use of critical hits, and Servants who rely on them do not fit in this party.

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Quick and Critical Hit Teams

Quick and Critical Hit teams are centered around generating a lot of C. Stars and dealing critical hits. There are several Servants which are well-equipped with the proper skills and passives to both create C. Stars and make the most out of their critical hits. Crits deal double damage and have doubled NP generation, and that’s what this team capitalizes on.

The main disadvantage of these types of teams is that they are heavily RNG-reliant. C. Star are randomly given to the cards, and even then crits are just a percentage chance, so they are not a sure thing unless a card reaches 100%. In order to mitigate this, it’s best to make the most out of classes that have high C. Star absorption. Rider classes far and away have the highest C. Star absorption, and most of them will go to their cards, so plan accordingly.

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Making Your Own Teams

Overall, it’s good to remember that these are just suggestions for possible effective team builds. Part of the joy of the game is playing with your own teams and finding Servants that work well together. Never be afraid to experiment, and never forget to have fun!

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