Fate Grand Order - Servant Tier List

Guide to the Fate Grand Order (NA) Servant Tier List. This page will continuously be updated the more servants come out. Included in the tier are also the event servants from FGO USA.

Servant Tier

Each of the Fate Grand Order servants has a tier that they classify into. Hence, this servant tier list classifies all the servants into different tiers. There are five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. The tiers in the servant tier list dictate a servant in Fate Grand Order usability based on the following criteria:

  • Investment – Some servants take longer to invest in and require a lot of work to make them climb up the ranks. However, should they be fully invested, they are capable of going toe-to-toe even with other high rarity servants.
  • Skills – Some servants only have skills that work in situations. Their skills will dictate their capability of combat in battle. Other times, their skills only work best when another servant is with them in battle.
  • Forgiveness Level – Some servants are not beginner friendly and will only be appreciated late game. This can either push or lower their ranking in the tier.
  • Stats – Stats plays an important role in dealing over-all damage and surviving combat.
  • Craft Essence Specificity – Some servants are more general in terms of using Craft Essences, making them more deadly than the ones who can only use their full power when using specific craft essences.
Disclaimer: However, majority of these servants and their abilities are from the 1.9.0 patch of Fate Grand Order [FGO]. Thus, any later patch may include buffs/nerfs for particular servants. This article also only includes only the available servants. Also, we’ll be updating this as much as we can as more servants come out. Also, the placement of the servants in the table have no indication of who’s higher within that tier whatsoever.

Servant Tier List

S Tier

In this servant tier, the Fate Grand Order servants here commonly have high stats, powerful abilities, and have weaknesses they can easily compensate for. However, these servants often times are rare and difficult to obtain from the Gacha.

S-Tier Servants
 Heracles Zhuge Liang Altera Jeanne D’ Arc
Scathach Okita Souji

A Tier

The A Tier are split into two sets: A+ and A-. The A+ Tier composes of servants that could possibly make it to the S-Tier with a little craft essence help. However, they can easily win battles hands down with their over-all abilities. The A- Tier is slightly above the B-Tier but can drop in tier should other servants with better abilities come out.

A+ Tier

A+ Tier Servants
Tamamo No Mae (Caster) Francis Drake Lancelot (Berserker) Saint Martha (Rider)
Sakata Kintoki  Jack the Ripper EMIYA Medea Lily
Cu Chulainn (Lancer) Vlad III (Berserker) Nero Claudius Mash Kyrielight
Anne Bonny & Mary Read Le Chevalier D’Eon Hans Christian Andersen  Gilgamesh
Tamamo Cat Mysterious Heroine X Beowulf

A- Tier

A- Tier Servants
Marie Antoinette (Rider) Orion Altria Pendragon Altria Pendragon (Alter)
Oda Nobunaga Ushiwakamaru  Santa Alter  Oda Nobunaga
Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) Romulus Karna
Arjuna (Fake) Medea Elisabeth Bathory (Lancer) Brynhild

B Tier

B Tier is also split into two other tiers: B+ and B-. The servants in both tiers over-all have relative utility and can easily compensate. Often times, their power comes out only during events when they gain specific bonuses to grant to the player. However, there are some servants here in this tier who are only appreciated late-game due to the heavy investment required to max out their power.

B+ Tier
Medusa Robin Hood Orion Carmilla
 Nursery Rhyme  Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Cu Chulainn (Caster) Alexander
Romulus Gaius Julius Caesar Hector Darius III
Kiyohime Boudica Atalante Altria Pendragon (Alter Lancer)

B- Tier

B- Tier
Jing Ke Hassan of the Cursed Arm Siegfried Mephistopheles
Euryale Sasaki Kojirou Leonidas I Asterios
Frankenstein Henry Jekyll and Hyde Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Lu Bu Fengxiang
Paracelsus Von Hoenheim Georgios Fergus Mac Roich Altria Pendragon (Lily)

C Tier

As part of the lower end, the servants in this tier are reliant on situations to make the most out of their damage and capabilities. They also only have some skills that will allow them a degree of combat capability. However, other than that – these are servants that are not commonly used if the other servants are out.

C Tier
Mata Hari Stheno Spartacus Eric Bloodaxe
Arash Phantom of the Opera Musashibou Benkei Charles Babbage
 Fionn Mac Cumhail

D Tier

These servants are probably the rarest in the support list due to the difficulty in using their abilities. When using these servants, it requires a niche so specific in order to completely utilize their power. However, some of these servants do appear should an event grant an additional bonus. But even then, they’re often times on the back-burner for players to exploit the bonus.

D Tier
Edward Teach Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart William Shakespeare Charles Henri Sanson
Gilles De Rais (Saber)

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The Mash Kyrielight url is broken

I think i was the last to comment pre update
This is definitely much better
The only ridiculous placements are romulus, lancer alter, emiya and martha
Thank you for listening (i think)

Katherine Baskerville
You’re welcome. The list had always needed an update after the later patches. Though for EMIYA, I’ve used him as my main Archer. He excels more for building Arts Chains but at the same time creating Buster NP Chains. Hence, his being on the same tier as Gilgamesh. As you said, Gilgamesh has a pretty vanilla skill-set if which doesn’t leave him much room for builds. EMIYA can go either NP Build or Arts Card build especially with Formalcraft. From my experience, he has a pretty good crit rate even with only a 10% crit. But he is wavering between… Read more »

Gilles caster is dead.

Imo alter lancer should be on the higher tier. Her self-buffed crit is insane. I dunno bout current str quest on NA version, but if even elizabeth’s 1st skill isn’t upgraded yet, then she should be below alter lancer without doubt. (If it’s already upgraded, it’ll only give eliz chance to compete as a support buff servant)

Martha can only compete in support tier after getting her 3rd skill. If it hasn’t implemented yet, she’s still bad. I love using her tho, so i’m trying to be objective.