Fate Grand Order - Servant Tier List

This article contains the tier list for Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article contains the servant tier list for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We'll update this continuously as the other servants come out.

Servant Tier

Each of the Fate Grand Order servants has a tier that they classify into. Hence, this servant tier list classifies all the servants into different tiers. There are five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. The tiers in the servant tier list dictate a servant in Fate grand Order’s usability, their skills, and also their battle capacity. These also take into consideration as to how well they can synergize with other servants.

Disclaimer: However, majority of these servants and their abilities are from the 1.8.1 patch of Fate Grand Order [FGO]. Thus, any later patch may include buffs/nerfs for particular servants. This article also only includes only the available servants.

Servant Tier List

S Tier

In this servant tier, the Fate Grand Order servants here commonly have high stats, powerful abilities, and have weaknesses they can easily compensate for. However, these servants often times are rare and difficult to obtain from the Gacha. Nevertheless, there are some 3 star servants that have reached this tier due to their ability to match against high level servants.

S-Tier Servants
 Heracles Zhuge Liang Altera Gilgamesh
Jeanne D’ Arc Scathach


These Fate Grand Order servants are not too far off from the S-Tier servants. However, the S-Tier servants outstrip them in the long run. Also, they only function well with particular set-ups and battles. They also have some glaring weaknesses that make them easy to defeat. Nonetheless, these servants in this tier have high stats that allow them to easily defeat enemies.

A-Tier Servants
Atalante Altria Pendragon (Alter) Vlad III (Berserker) Cu Chulainn (Lancer)
Nero Claudius Siegfried Le Chevalier D’Eon Marie Antoinette (Rider)
Mash Kyrielight Tamamo Cat Lancelot (Berserker) Saint Martha (Rider)
Carmilla Medusa Robin Hood Elisabeth Bathory (Lancer)
EMIYA Francis Drake Medea Lily Orion
Sakata Kintoki Tamamo No Mae  Jack the Ripper Nursery Rhyme
Okita Souji Anne Bonny & Mary Read Altria Pendragon


Within this servant tier, the Fate Grand Order servants in this group have situational uses but can still deal heavy damage even if not in optimum situation. Majority of these servants also have buffs which allow them to assist the other servants of higher rank. When using these servants, they are not normally the main party but rather the back-up. Also, their buffs are purely single target and work best if partnered with another servant.

B-Tier Servants
Jing Ke Medea Kiyohime Stheno
Altria Pendragon (Lily) Gaius Julius Caesar Darius III Cu Chulainn (Caster)
Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Hassan of the Cursed Arm Romulus Boudica
Alexander Ushiwakamaru Mephistopheles Hector
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne  Oda Nobunaga Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)  Santa Alter


In this particular group, the servants here often have double-edged sword buffs. These buffs grant them a particular increase only to sacrifice something else in return. There are times also that the servant from this group suffer low stats and require higher ranked servants to defend it from incoming enemies.

C-Tier Servants
Lu Bu Fengxiang Gilles De Rais (Caster) Phantom of the Opera William Shakespeare
Arash Hans Christian Andersen Sasaki Kojirou Leonidas I
Eric Bloodaxe Edward Teach Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Spartacus
Fergus Mac Roich


Within this end of the servant tier list, these servants are purely situational thus, making them difficult to use. Their abilities may be difficult to set up or not as useful as other servants of higher ranks. If there are servants from this portion in the servant tier list in your team, make sure they have stronger servants defending them. This is to ensure that servants from this portion of the servant tier list is capable of performing their duties.

D-Tier Servants
Gilles De Rais (Saber) Musashibou Benkei Charles Henri Sanson Asterios
Mata Hari

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  1. This list is awful in what world are Altera, Altria(Artoria) & Jeanne S tier servants… (I’m not being biased are anyhing Artoria is my only 5* servant)

    • The tier list can change at any given time depending on the patch that comes in for the US version of the game. Altera wins over Altria in terms of damage power and has higher stats. However, Altria has more defensive capabilities than Altera, making her potent in her own way. Jeanne’s noble phantasm has saved a lot of people. But she’s only appreciated a little more in late game due to the stuns she receives along with her passive skills. She’s not S-Tier in terms of damage but rather on how well she can soak it up. She boasts high defensive stats in comparison to most servants. Not only that, she can also heal despite suffering the debuff of being stunned for two turns.

      For more strategies about her, I suggest you check this out: https://samurai-gamers.com/fate-grand-order/jeanne-darc-stats-skills-list/ 🙂

  2. Waver herc and Jeanne are the only s tier, and not all other 4 stars are tier 4, some like eon, sigfried, tamamo, stheno, Lily and arguably Atalanta would be B at best, along with arturia and mash
    Also Hans is amazing, and I have waver, everyone agrees he’s probably the best 2star along Hassan, with George slightly below; ceaser, because of the lack of good sabers and being the only one with a different spread is really good, with a great np and charisma
    Arash is also really good with waver

  3. Without the Strengthening Quest Kiyohime NP should have dealt less damage than Darius. Plus Darius can charge his NP faster thanks to golden rule.

  4. Ushiwakamaru is currently the only rider that has a single target NP in NA. Which make her pretty useful in Okeanos.

  5. I have a feeling you guys know more about “just surviving a fight” than taking advantage of gil’s ability to sweep mobs and rain c stars. Nice job putting him under altria and emiya.

  6. Charles Henri Sanson and Asterios are actually some of the strongest sub-3* Servants in the game, and Charles is basically a mini Waver. In fact, Asterios and Charles were the two most used servants of a guy who beat most of the game using only 2* and 1* servants.
    Also, the only servants that really stand out and should be in true S tier are Waver, Heracles, and Jeanne. Everyone else from A and S tier are about the same in terms of strength.