Fate Grand Order - Caster Class Servants List

This article contains the directory for the Caster class servants.

Caster class servants rely on magic to bring out their fullest potential. They are summonable in Fate Grand Order [FGO] as one of the first classes.


Combat Mechanics

The Caster Class Servants may have the lowest stats in game but they make up for it through other means. Their abilities are enhanced by their ability to cast magecraft that is supposedly extinct. Despite their low stats, they can deal heavy damage against Assassin classes but lose out against the Knight Class servants.

Casters have a base damage multiplier of 0.9x.

  • Assassins take double damage from Casters and deal half damage against them.
  • Riders take half damage from Casters and deal double damage against them.
  • Berserkers take double damage from Casters and deal 50% extra damage against them.
  • Rulers take half damage from Casters.
  • Beasts Goetia and Demon Pillars take double damage from Casters.
  • Alter Egos deal 50% extra damage to Casters.

List of Caster Class Servants

B – Buster, A – Arts, Q- Quick, NP – Noble Phantasm

5-Star Servants

4-Star Servants

3-Star Servants

2-Star Servants

1-Star Servants

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