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Welcome to our FGO Prison Tower! Learn how to fight, win, and earn your way through the Chateur D'lf with our Fate Grand Order guide!

Prison Tower: Vengeful Demon’s Wail at the Prison Tower

An event geared to higher level players, the Prison Tower Event in FGO introduces a new avenger class servant: Edmond Dantes! As Edmond Dantes makes his appearance, you discover that the entirety of Chaldea has turned into a prison tower! Trapped and with only one way out, the protagonist must work their way through the seven gates. As the protagonist begins defeating the enemies, he finds himself face to face with the true mastermind behind the tower.

Since this particular event requires high-leveled servants, only players who have completed London can go for the quest. Thankfully though, there’s a pre-event where all main quests in London are now on half AP! If you’re struggling with London, now’s the time to go for it.

FGO London


FGO Prison Tower

Every day, a new quest (also known as a gate) in the Prison Tower that will open up for the player to go through. Unlike the other events, it’s a bit shorter but more difficult than the past event: the Kara no Kyoukai Event.

  • Each quest will open up every time the server clock resets.
  • The Avenger class will now be available. Avengers deal extra damage to Rulers while having resistance against them.
  • Avenger Edmond Dantes will now make his grand debut as a support servant. Players cannot use any other support servant save for him.
  • As an Avenger class servant, Edmond Dantes deals extra damage to the Ruler class servants such as Jeanne D’ Arc.

Main Event Quests

Name of Quest AP Cost
1st Gate 20
2nd Gate 20
3rd Gate 20
4th Gate 20
5th Gate 20
6th Gate 20
7th Gate 20

Additional Events

FGO Edmond Dantes Banner

During the Prison Tower event, Edmond Dantes will now become available in summon! However, he’s not the only one that’s going to be beneficial from this banner. Unfortunately, Edmond Dantes is only available during the Prison Tower Event and will not be added to the permanent summoning pool.


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