Tips and Tricks: Blessings at the Shrine [Nioh]

Tips and Tricks to Exploit The Blessings in Nioh


Every time you start off a mission, there’s always a shrine. A shrine is one of the most important aspects in the game. When you lock into the shrine, you not only heal up but you  also replenish your missing elixirs and life. You also get to level up while you’re there in the shrine. However, there’s also something else in the shrine that can help you. Those things are called blessings.


What are Kodama Blessings?

The Kodama bless you  with charms for saving them. When they do so, their charms can help you get through the missions depending on what you need. There are different kinds of blessings:

  • Healer Blessing – Elixir Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Oracle Blessing – Amrita Collection Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Hunter Blessing – Item Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Swordsman Blessing – Weapon Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level
  • Warrior Blessing – Armor Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level

Tips for Blessings

When using Kodama Blessings, you have to choose which ones will benefit you the most. Although, Main Missions – you’re better off using the Healer Blessing. When using the Healer Blessing, you’ll be able to farm more Elixirs that way. It’ll be easier to exploit the infinite spawn of Nioh and farm all the Elixirs you need for the boss fight.


Sub-missions can vary in blessings. Although, it might be better to run Oracle Blessing to farm more Amrita. That way, you’ll earn more Amrita to level up your character.

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