Stats Guide [Nioh]

This page is a list of the core stats including their rising status and influenced weapons. We will be updating this as we go along.

In Nioh, Core Stats constitute the basic Stats which affect other elements such as: Stats, compatible Armor, compatible Weapons, etc. Whenever the stats increase, you will gain a level, thereby strengthening your character. Having certain Stat allocations correspond to specific Weaponry, therefore you must decide carefully on how to allocate it.

Stats Guide

Below is a list of the core stats including their rising status and influenced weapons.

Ability Rising status Influenced Weapon
Body Life, and resistance to poison and paralysis Spears
Heart Ki Swords / Bows
Stamina Life, and Carrying Capacity Cannons
Strength Special effects of heavy armor, and weapons Axes
Skill Special effects of technical armor and weapons Dual Swords / Guns
Dexterity Effect and capacity of Ninjutsu
Magic Special effect and capacity of Onmyo Magic
Spirit Special effect of guardian spirit

Stats to Focus On

Deciding on the Core Stat allocation depends on your play style and preferred Weapons. Since most of the Stats enhance the effect and gear towards certain types of Weapons, it is a good indicator when deciding for the Stats.

Proper stat investment allows you to perform better during combat. For example, allocating in both Body and Heart emphasizes on Life (HP) and Ki. Whereas, Stamina introduces equipment to the mix, this gives a more diverse and complex manner of deciding on Stat distribution.


In this game, managing Ki is highly regarded since several actions depend on it. Ki is the stat that affects the performance of various actions such as Attacking, Dodging, and Guarding. Heart is the Core Stat that has a direct effect on the improvement of Ki. Since allocating points to Heart improves the attack power of Melee and Ranged weapons, it is recommended when focusing first on Swords and Bows.


Investing in the Core Stat Stamina has a direct effect on Life (HP) and carrying capacity. This is beneficial when going for equipment that have high defensive strength in order to capitalize on durability. Apart from Heart, the a highly valued Core Stat is Stamina because you can’t go wrong with additional carrying space.

Stamina or Skill

It is not advised to invest on both Stamina and Skill since one should cover what the other has not invested on. Since Skill has a direct effect on the special effects dealt by technical weapons such as Dual Swords and Guns, in conjunction with technical armor, investing on this Core Stat greatly improves your combat performance.

If you feel like playing recklessly, Stamina is the way to go; however if you prefer to focus on Skill based performance then invest on Skills instead. Therefore, decide carefully which weapon to focus on before finalizing the stat allocation to either Stamina or Skill.


Although distributing to this Core Stat greatly improves Life (HP), focus first on improving the Stamina to obtain better durability. With a 10 increment added for each point invested, around 10 points would suffice.

Dexterity, Magic and Spirit

Investing on Dexterity will have a direct effect on your Ninjutsu performance, however it is better to leave it blank. Since by the time you obtain the item Famed Ninja’s Locks, you will gain a Ninjutsu Skill Point without having to increase your character’s level.

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