Fate Grand Order - Tips and Tricks: Apartment Skeletons Farming Guide

Farming Guide for the Apartment Skeletons during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Looking for an easy way to farm the Apartment Skeletons? Check out our FGO Kara no Kyoukai Guide for that here!

Apartment Skeletons Farming

The Apartment Skeletons are creatures that have multiple variants. Now during the Kara no Kyoukai event, you’re probably going to neglect them most of the time. But take my advice: don’t. When that happened, there happened to be this one painful mission involving a grind of killing 200 Apartment Skeletons. Now that certainly didn’t sound fun; especially since that completing that particular mission opened up a room which made farming for the Vengeful Spirit of Seven People easier. So, if you’re looking for those Apartment Skeletons, this is what they look like:

FGO Apartment Skeleton Variants

Depending on what class they’re from, some of these Apartment Skeletons can also change in name. As of now in FGO’s Kara no Kyoukai Event, there are three variants: Sonoda (Archer), Ikutsuki (Lancer), and Watanabe (Saber). As to where they appear, however, depends on the floor and who they’re grouped up with. If you’re wondering which ones are easier, it highly depends on your team composition. Unless you have a representatives for all the knight class servants at a high level then, you’ll have to choose where to farm.

Tips and Tricks: Apartment Skeletons Farming Guide

Again, depending where you’re shooting from, you can farm either or. Even if they vary in class, they’re not as strict as the Vengeful Spirit of Seven People or the Base Models. While these guys may be an eyesore from time to time (since they’re a load of them in Fuyuki), you still have to farm them nonetheless for the event to proceed further. So, make sure you have an Archer, Lancer, and Saber class servant ready to mobilize.

Tutorial Video

For another kind of tutorial, check this video out:

Best Place to Farm: Room 401

As of now, the best place to farm is Room 401. It only has the Saber variant (Watanabe) but it also has some Living Corpses to farm. While room 103 and 503 are also good ideas, so far – the best drop rate for these guys was in Room 401. Not only did the drop rate seem slightly higher but, dealing with the class affinity was much easier in comparison to rooms 103 and room 503. In Room 403, you’ll  only have to deal with two classes: Berserker and Saber. The Saber class, obviously connoting to the Watanabe’s, and the Berserker class for the rest of the enemies that are in the stage.

According to user Sugi0, apparently, you can also farm the Skeletons from other stages. One particular stage would be the Unknown Coordinate X-C in Fuyuki. While this means you won’t get some event items, it’ll at least make farming a whole lot easier since it only requires 4 AP.

Recommended Servants:

FGO Oda NobunagaOda Nobunaga FGO Altria Pendragon LilyAltria Pendragon (Lily) FGO Elisabeth Bathory LancerElisabeth Bathory Lancer

Now, you’re probably wondering why these guys made it to the recommended list. Oda Nobunaga, being a welfare servant (as the community calls those that are given for free), has a multi-hit noble phantasm. At the same time, she cracks one of the highest critical hits as an Archer. Even more so, she’s probably one of the few Archers that are completely ascended with a level 5 Noble Phantasm. Altria Pendragon (Lily) for those who played it on the debut of this game already have her. And for those who participated in Saber Wars, they’ll most likely have an Altria Pendragon (Lily) with a maxed out NP and 4th stage ascension (not necessarily grailed and maxed out). Elisabeth Bathory Lancer on the other hand also appeared as a “welfare” at one point when the game gave players a chance to choose which 4-star servant to summon.

The common factor these three all have is that they have multi-hit noble phantasms and that they’re most likely the ones with a level 5 Noble Phantasm (save for Elisabeth Bathory Lancer.

Craft Essence of Choice: Chorus

FGO Chorus Craft EssenceChorus Craft Essence

The Chorus Craft Essence is a craft essence that would also work well with crit-based servants. But during the event, the Chorus increases the spawn rates of both the Apartment Skeletons and the Apartment Ghosts. However, the rate as to which one will spawn more will depend on the stage you go to. Unlike the other Craft essences, the Chorus Craft Essence  shares with two enemies which makes the rate of how much the apartment skeletons will spawn a little more dependent on the room you choose to grind in.

FGO Kara no Kyoukai Guide: Enemies Farming

FGO Skeleton Apartment Skeleton FGO Base ModelBase Model Living Corpse
FGO Vengeful Spirit of the Seven PeopleVengeful Spirit of Seven People Apartment Ghost

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