[Fate Grand Order / FGO] What are EXP Cards?

This page contains a beginner’s guide on EXP Cards for Fate Grand Order (FGO), including ways to obtain and use them in the game.

EXP Cards

EXP cards are what increase the stats and power of one’s servant. Each card has their own respective Class and number of Stars. The Servant gains more EXP as the number of stars increase. The experience gained is also higher if the EXP Card has the same Class as the Servant.

Stars Normal EXP Same Class Bonus
1 1, 000 1, 200
2 3, 000 3, 600
3 9, 000 10, 800
4 27, 000 32, 400

Completing Daily Event Quests in Chaldea Gate gives out Experience Cards. After completing the Daily Quests, the player can exchange 40 Mana Prism for 10 4-star All Experience Cards. Alternatively, they can also be sold for Quantum Pieces and Mana Prisms.

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