[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Kanshou & Bakuya (Revolvers) Archer Craft Essence

This article contains Kanshou & Bakuya (Revolvers) for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Kanshou & Bakuya (Revolvers)

Source: http://fgowiki.com

Star Max Level Cost
 4  80 9
MIN 100 100
MAX  100 100
Normal  Increases Party’s Arts, Quick and Buster performance by 8%
4th Limit Break

How to use

Kanshou & Bakuya (Revolvers) can be obtained by bringing EMIYA (Alter)’s Bond Level to 10.

Recommended Servants

EMIYA (Alter)

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine


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