Fate Grand Order - Formal Craft – Art Craft Essence

This article contains the strategy and stats of the Formalcraft Craft Essence.

Guide to the Formal Craft Craft Essence from Fate/Grand Order USA. In FGO, Formal Craft is considered the strongest of the Arts-Related CE.

Formal Craft

Formal Craft is a 5 Star Craft Essence (CE) that focuses on boosting the over-all performance of the Arts Cards. It improves not only the damage output but also the amount of NP gain for the servant it’s equipped to. Formal Craft was one of the first Craft Essences to appear since the initial debut of the Fate/ Grand Order USA.

Star Max Level Cost
 5  100  12


MIN 0 500
MAX 0 2000


Normal Increase performance of Arts Cards by 25%.
4th Limit Break Increase performance of Arts Cards by 30%.

How to use

Formal Craft is the strongest among the Art Type craft essence in terms of single unit card improvement. An increase in effectiveness boosts power, NP gain, and C. Star generation for that type of card. When using the this craft essence, use it on a servant that commonly draws Art Type cards in order to make the most of the effects.

This is especially useful for Servants with strong Arts-type Noble Phantasms, such as Vlad III, Medea, Nero Claudius, and Robin HoodProjection is another card of the same type, but it is weaker, in exchange for being more common. The Azure Black Keys is another card that provides similar bonuses.

  • EMIYA can bring out the full power of this skill due to his innate ability to draw out 3 Arts Cards. If paired with Zhuge Liang, he can easily replenish his Noble Phantasm Gauge in 5 turns. However, this assumes that Zhuge Liang has Tactician’s Advice available to him. Combined with Zhuge Liang‘s Unreturning Formation, EMIYA and Zhuge Liang can set up a weakened team for a full-powered Altria Pendragon or Altera to finish off the enemies.

Recommended Servants

Recommended Servants
EMIYA Nero Claudius Vlad III
Medea Jeanne d’Arc Saint Martha
Robin Hood William Shakespeare  Zhuge Liang
Tamamo no Mae

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine

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