[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Heroic New Year – Buff and Debuff Resistance Craft Essences

This article contains a guide on Heroic New Year – Buff and Debuff Resistance Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants and stats. Please note that we will update this page as soon as the game comes out on June 25, 2017.

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Heroic New Year – Buff and Debuff Resistance


Source: http://fgowiki.com

Star Max Level Cost
 4  80  9
MIN 320 200
MAX  1200 750
Normal  Grants immunity to debuffs once.
Defense +8%.
4th Limit Break  Grants immunity to debuffs once.
Defense +10%.

How to use

Combines the Status Debuff immunity and DEF buff to bypass any troublesome Status that the holder inflicts upon himself after an NP.

Best applied to self-debuffing servants in order to improve the effect of their Skill or NP. Some examples of these include lifting the effects of Stun or Burns.

The DEF can reach up to 10% upon unlocking Limit Breakthrough granting a moderate boost. Not to mention the HP it yields also contributes to extending the survivability of the servant. This enables certain servants to endure battles against bosses.

Recommended Servants

Jeanne d’Arc Tamamo Cat Frankenstein

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine



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