Fate Grand Order - Holy Night Sign – Quick Card/ Critical Attack Craft Essence

This article contains how to use and the stats of the craft essence, Holy Night Sign in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article contains information, stats, and strategies for Holy Night Sign for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We'll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Holy Night Sign

The Holy Night Sign Craft Essence is a 5 star craft essence that appeared during the FGO 2017 Christmas Event – the Almost Weekly Santa Alter. Players can either earn this as a drop similar to the GUDA-O Craft Essence or buy it off the Event Shop from Da Vinci.



Star Max Level Cost
5 100 12


MIN 375 250
MAX 1500 1000


Normal Quick card performance +8%.
Critical attack damage +15%.
Limit Breakthrough Quick card performance +10%.
Critical attack damage +20%.

How to use

Despite the small ATK and HP it offers at Max Level, its effects have more use. The Holy Night Sign is a 5 star craft essence that focuses in increasing the over-all performance of a servant’s Quick Cards and their Critical Strength. Ideal for Lancer class and Assassin class servants, the Holy Night Sign Craft Essence can boost their over-all damage output in combat.

One example would be equipping it on Cu Chulainn. Either or will do but the Holy Night Sign craft essence offers a better balance in combat. As he has 2 Quick Cards, Cu Chulainn can make easy use of the additional 10% in terms of attacking. And if he forms a Quick Chain with Rider or Assassin class servants, he can deal heavy damage towards a single enemy. Best of all, it improves the damage of Gae Bolg. Despite it being a noble phantasm, the fact that it’s a Quick Type will make it eligible of receiving the effects from Holy Night Sign.

Scathach is another viable option as she too has a lot of Quick Cards in her hand. Combining this with a servant made for C. Star Gathering (i.e. Jing Ke), her critical damage can tear off chunks even against the tankiest of enemies. As the strongest among all the Lancer class servants, the Holy Night Sign will definitely improve her over-all damage.

Jing Ke as an assassin can also use this as her damage can use the extra push. At the same time, she has C. Star Gathering abilities and the extra power from the Holy Night Sign can help her grab more stars.

Rider class servants like Medusa and Alexander can also benefit from it. As a pure offense servant, Medusa could use the extra push especially since she has apparent innate ability to absorb a lot of Critical Stars.

Recommended Servants

Recommended Servants
Medusa Alexander Jing Ke
Scathach Cu Chulainn Jack the Ripper
Okita Souji

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