Fate Grand Order - Kara no Kyoukai Guide – 6th Floor, 4th Room Walkthrough

Guide to the 6th Floor, 4th Room Quest during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Learn how to quickly whittle your enemy down when using this guide!

6th Floor, 4th Room Walkthrough

Once they reach the 6th Floor, 4th Room (room 604), Shiki, Mash, and the protagonist meet the next tenant: the pair of pirates – Anne Bonny and Mary Read! The once famous and notorious pirates had been reduced into nothing more but hoarders, much to the displeasure of Mash. However, they also realize that someone else is with them. Another notorious pirate lives with them on the 6th Floor, 4th Room. And who other than the notorious pirate aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge – Edward Teach?

Room 604

AP Cost 20 Bond Point 615
EXP 15690 QP 6400
Tendency Saber/ Berserker/ Rider/ Archer First Reward CE EXP: Kuji Kanesada


Enemy Information
Battle 1/2
(Lvl 42/ Saber/ 18576 HP)
(Lvl 42/ Saber/ 18576 HP)
(Lvl 40/ Archer/ 18024 HP)
(Lvl 42/ Berserker/ 16,552 HP)
Edward Teach
(Lvl 45/ Rider/ 46,221 HP)
Battle 2/2
(Lvl 50/ Archer/ 36,974 HP)
Internet Pirates A&M
Lvl 57 Ridericon 107,664 HP
(Lvl 50/ Archer/ 36,974 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Rider Monument x2
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Proof of Hero


  • Anne Bonny and Mary Read are the biggest threats here in the 6th Floor, 4th Room. While you do face Edward Teach in the first wave of the 6th Floor, 4th Room, he’s not much of a threat. In fact, if you have a strong enough Assassin (most probably Shiki), she can quickly burst him down.
  • There are only two battles in which Anne Bonny and Mary Read wait for you in the next room. Unfortunately, Anne Bonny and Mary Read hit like trucks. They focus more on dealing critical hit damage. So, bringing a servant who lowers critical hits or can shatter her before she can unleash her noble phantasm would be great.
  • Insta-Death has a lower chance of working on servants which kind of nullifies Shiki‘s main asset. If you want, bring Jack the Ripper. At least her NP deals extra damage to females.
  • Another Assassin servant who can bring those two girls down is Carmilla who can also replenish her health. Again, it depends on your team composition.

FGO Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event Guide

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