Fate Grand Order - Lunatic Party VI Quest: Walkthrough

Ah, the lunacy! After all, it is called the Lunatic Party VI Quest! Time for a bit of a party, master! Looks like we have a few guests at our door.

Lunatic Party VI Quest

The Lunatic Party VI Quest is the sixth and final of the Lunatic Party Quests for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). From here in this Fate Grand Order Database, players can farm a variety of items such as sweet candles, mischievous bats, petit cakes, and, possibly – pumpkin lanterns. Each enemy has a variety of items which they drop; opening several choices for the players. Players can either convert them to Petit Cakes or even buy items that are specific to those specific FGO event items.

You’ll find the items in Exchange Shop.

Lunatic Party VI Quest


AP Cost 20 Bond Point 315
EXP 2190 QP 3400
Tendency ? First Reward Golden Fruit x 1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Lu Bu (Lvl 20/ Berserker/ 13, 474 HP) Edward Teach (Lvl 20/ Rider/ 6787 HP) Eric (Lvl 20/ Berserker/ 13,199 HP)
Battle 2/3
Lancelot (Lvl 20/ Berserker/ 14,953 HP) Sanson (Lvl 20/ Assassin/ 7,132 HP) Gilles De Rais (Lvl 20/ Caster/ 7,714 HP)
Battle 3/3
Orion (Lvl 35/ Archer/ 34391 HP) Atalante (Lvl 35/ Archer/ 26025 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Random Pieces/ Monuments
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Mischievous Bats, Fire of Wisdom


  • For the Lunatic Party VI Quest, Lancer class servants will definitely have an advantage – especially during the latter part. The latter part has two Archer-class servants, both who have high Critical rates. However, Atalante focuses more on critical hits in comparison to Orion. Prioritize taking down Atalante first as she has more offensive power in comparison to Orion.
  • During the finale of the Lunatic Party VI Quest, Orion can pose a problem if you have male servants. The best Lancer to pit against her may most likely be Elisabeth Bathory since she has resistance to Orion‘s skills.
  • During the first wave of the Lunatic Party VI Quest, Edward Teach will cast Guts to prevent himself from dying. Split a brave chain in order to quickly dispose of him.
  • In the second wave of the Lunatic Party VI Quest,  Sanson must be your priority. Because Sanson is an Assassin class servant, he only needs three turns before being able to use his Noble Phantasm.
    • His Noble Phantasm may only focus on one target. However, his Noble Phantasm has a chance of causing Death to any servant. If the servant suffers a debuff, he has a higher chance of inflicting Death.
    • Gilles De Rais works well with Sanson because of his Mental Corruption skill which inflicts debuffs on his enemies.
    • Lancelot, on the other hand, can deal heavy critical hits but also receives heavy damage as a Berserker class servant.
  • EricLancelot, and Lu Bu suffer the most incoming damage as Berserker class servants. Despite the weakened defense, they are also the class that deals the most damage against all servant classes.
  • The Lunatic Party VI Quest works well with the weekly Master Missions as the majority of them are either Evil or Neutral servants.

Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Lunatic Party and Guerilla Quest

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