Fate Grand Order - Mysterious Party II Quest: Walkthrough

This article contains the walkthrough and guide on how to finish and defeat the enemies in the Mysterious Party II Quest in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

Mysterious Party II Quest

The Mysterious Party II Quest is the first of the Mysterious Party Quests for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). From here in this Fate Grand Order Database, players can farm a variety of items such as sweet candles, mischievous bats, petit cakes, and, possibly – pumpkin lanterns. Each enemy has a variety of items which they drop; opening several choices for the players. Players can either convert them to Petit Cakes or even buy items that are specific to those specific FGO event items.

You’ll find the items in Exchange Shop.

Mysterious Party II Quest


AP Cost 20 Bond Point 265
EXP 1385 QP 2900
Tendency ? First Reward Golden Fruit x 1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Phantom (Lvl 15/ Assassin/ 6140 HP) Andersen (Lvl 15/ Caster/ 6207 HP) Mephistopheles (Lvl 15/ Caster/ 6384 HP)
Battle 2/3
Asterios (Lvl 15/ Berserker/ 5147 HP) d’Eon (Lvl 15/ Saber/ 8188 HP) Ushiwakamaru (Lvl 15/ Rider/ 12508 HP)
Battle 3/3
Medusa (Lvl 30/ Rider/ 37506 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Random Pieces/ Monuments
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Mischievous Bats, Fire of Wisdom


  • For the Mysterious Party II Quest, this quest requires a little planning in terms of priority. Enemies here in this quest set-up are random in terms of class. Hence, players cannot really choose who their enemies are. However, the enemies mentioned above are some of the few Fate Grand Order servants you may face.
  • One way of prioritizing enemies for the Mysterious Party II Quest is checking their Noble Phantasm gauge. Assassin class servants have only 3 gauges, meaning 3 turns before using their Noble Phantasm. They also tend to prioritize single targets over multiple targets. Their main threat being the critical hit damage.
  • The Mysterious Party II Quest however can be quite easy if the player has over-powered sernvants. Majority of the servants are of low level, allowing players to quickly burn through the waves of servant enemies.
  • Fortunately, the Mysterious Party II Quest times well with the Weekly Master Missions.
  • During the first wave of the Mysterious Party II Quest, prioritize killing Mephistopheles due to his multiple debuffs. Destroying him means preventing him from messing up the team’s rhythm and momentum.
  • Second wave – the biggest threat among the three is Ushiwakamaru. Due to her large HP and her high attack, she can whittle down Caster class servants fast. Take her out as fast as you can. Asterios can easily die in one hit if you have a powerful servant.
  • Upon reaching the finale, Medusa will be the final boss. Her main strategy includes inflicting as many critical hits as she can while simultaneously stunning your heroes. Try stunning her as well to prevent any incoming damage or meet her head on with either an Assassin class servant or Berserker class servant.

Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Mysterious Party and Guerilla Quest

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