[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Necromancy – Battle Continuation Craft Essence

This article contains a guide on Necromancy – Battle Continuation Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants and stats. Please note that we will update this page as soon as the game comes out on June 25, 2017.

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Necromancy – Battle Continuation


Source: http://fgowiki.com

Star Max Level Cost
4  80 9
MIN 600 0
MAX 2250  0
Normal  50% Chance for unit to revive with 500 HP when defeated
4th Limit Break  50% Chance for unit to revive with 1000 HP when defeated

How to use

Its effect grants a 50% Chance Guts Status which can be repeated more than once depending on the RNG. By raising the level to maximum, it is possible to add 2000 more to the servant’s HP. This allows frail servants to sustain more damage and extend their duration in the field whenever the Guts effect ticks in.

There are different ways to go around the effects of this Craft Essence. Some may prefer to attach it to servants that tend to draw attacks to himself, and in the event continue to do so in case luck rolls in their favor. Others may find suicidal builds more appealing, as the Death applied to the suicidal servant can reverse the effect if they are lucky.

Despite the chance to raise a fallen servant, it is not guaranteed. For those who dislike the RNG, they are better off assigning servants that have innate Skills that grant Guts Status.

Recommended Servants

Chevalier d’Eon Arash

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine



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