[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Primeval Curse – Buff and Debuff Resistance Craft Essences

This article contains a guide on Primeval Curse – Buff and Debuff Resistance Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants and stats. Please note that we will update this page as soon as the game comes out on June 25, 2017.

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Primeval Curse – Buff and Debuff Resistance


Source: http://fgowiki.com

Star Max Level Cost
 4 80  9
MIN 600  0
MAX 2250  0
Normal  Increases unit’s resistance to debuffs by 25%
4th Limit Break  Increases unit’s resistance to debuffs by 30%

How to use

Best equipped when facing enemies that tend to spread status effects across the party. Moreover, it grants additional HP to enable servants. This means that those who are at a disadvantage in terms of class affinity, might survive potentially fatal attacks charged at them.

Unfortunately as a defensive Craft Essence, it remains to be seen if the servant can take out the enemy in retaliation with the absence of an ATK boost. Servants must reach a certain level of ATK to maximize its potential when paired with this CE.

In case Cost is giving your problems, feel free to equip False Attendant’s Writings during the early game progression.

Recommended Servants

Stheno Medusa

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine


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