Fate Grand Order - Second Night – Her Name is Marie: Walkthrough

Guide to the Second Night - Her Name is Marie quest. Looking for a quick and easy way to defeat her? Check it out here for those who are attempting to speed

Second Night – Her Name is Marie

After delivering the first gift to Little Darius, the protagonist and Santa Alter depart for their second recipient for the Second Night of the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event Quests. The two mismatched pair find out that her name is Marie and begin trying to find her. However, they find themselves suddenly shot down by something only to find out who the sender was in the Her Name is Marie quest.

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AP Cost 5 Bond Point 115
EXP 275 QP 1400
Tendency Saber/Caster/Rider First Reward Golden Fruit x1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Christmas Hand (Lvl 8/ Caster/ 1169 HP) Reindeer Man (Lvl 8/ Saber/ 1,134 HP) Reindeer Man (Lvl 8/ Saber/ 1,134 HP)
Battle 2/3
Christmas Hand (Lvl 10 /Caster/1,363 HP) Christmas Hand (Lvl 10/Caster/ 1,363 HP) Christmas Hand (Lvl 10 /Caster/1,363 HP)
Battle 3/3
Petit Papillon
(Lvl 12/ Berserker/ 11,653 HP)
“Off Today” d’Eon
Lvl 16 /Saber/20,952 HP
(Lvl 18/ Rider/ 20,844 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Yggdrasil Seed, Claw of Chaos Mini Ribbon, Golden Star


  • The three main threats for the Second Night – Her Name is Marie quest would be the “Petit Papillion”, D’Eon, and Marie herself. However, there are two waves prior which can help you charge up your noble phantasm.
  • Focus bringing down the first two waves of the Her Name is Marie quest with Arts cards. If you have Archers like David and Robin Hood, now would be a good time to take down D’Eon. Since Robin Hood is an event servant, you’re most likely to have him. He unfortunately only has a single hit noble phantasm but save it for later.
  • If you’re using Robin Hood for the Her Name is Marie quest, use Sabotage only at the latter part. This would not only whittle down the “Petit Papillion” but also cancel out Marie‘s healing.
  • David has a sure-hit Noble Phantasm which would work well against Marie Antoinette‘s Beautiful Princess skill.
  • In terms of priority, focus down the Petit Papillion first then D’Eon and then Marie Antoinette. If you have an Assassin class servant (ex. Jack the Ripper/ Jing Ke) then, Marie Antoinette shouldn’t be able to deal too much damage to you.

Fate Grand Order Almost Weekly Santa Alter 

Episode Battle Name
Prelude Black Santa Claus
1 Little Darius
2 Her Name is Marie
3 HeartbreakxJean Kay
4 P.S. Daddy Longlegs
5 Little Gilgamesh
6 Fake Santa, Mr. Caesar
7 Assault by the Other Alter

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  1. so where are the other episodes for the almost weekly santa alter quest? this guide is alright but should be updated. should have been easy to make a guide for the whole event as its quite easy. dont even see farming methods for the event which is disappointing. not to undermine your work which is alright but its best that you take note of farming methods as it will be easier to grind and for people to look at your content more. try updating some of your articles. its easy since i believe this is based on the NA server, not JP. JP is hard due to many updates and new servant classes, but NA shouldnt be that hard given that you guys play it. just a tip from me.

    • Thanks for the tip, SwordofSeptem. We’ll be updating them soon. Just had to add to deal with other projects at the moment. 🙂 But thanks! We’ll begin updating them again! 🙂