Fate Grand Order - With One Strike – Sure-Hit Craft Essence

This article contains a guide on With One Strike – Sure-Hit Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants and stats.

With One Strike – Sure-Hit

With One Strike is a craft essence that appeared from the recent patches. After patch 1.5.0 for Fate Grand Order NA, the With One Strike craft essence is a Quick Craft Essence is permanently part of the summoning pool for FGO NA.

With One Strike

Star Max Level Cost
 4  80  9
MIN 0 400
MAX 0 1500
Normal Holder’s attacks cannot be evaded.
Increases holder’s Quick card damage by 8%..
4th Limit Break Holder’s attacks cannot be evaded.
Increases holder’s Quick card damage by 10%.

How to use

By improving the Quick Card’s effectiveness, With One Strike’s effect will boost ATK, NP Gain, and C. Star generation. Highly recommended for Quick-type servants, this would then take advantage of the multiple quick cards sitting in their deck. Majority of those servants are those from the Assassin or Rider class. One example would be Hassan who also has Quick Cards and Zabaniya is also a Quick card, further enhancing his damage. Jing Ke also can take advantage of this. As an Assassin class, she inherently has more Quick Cards than most. Also, all her skills focus on boosting her C. Star harvesting ability. And to top it off, her NP – All I Do Is Kill – may not need to rely on the possibility of inflicting Death on an enemy.

Not only does it enhance an Assassin or Rider class‘ ability to harvest C. Stars, it also prevents their attacks from missing. Unfortunately, the With One Strike Quick Craft Essence does not work on servants that have Invincibility such as Marie Antoinette.

However, With One Strike does not have to limit itself only to the two aforementioned classes. Some Lancer class servants such as Cu Chulainn (Proto and FSN) along with Scathach can utilize the With One Strike Quick CE.

Recommended Servants

Carmilla Jack the Ripper Jing Ke
Scathach Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Cu Chulainn
Medusa Ushiwakamaru Hassan of the Cursed Arm

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine



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