Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Z-Crystals Locations: Database

Remember to collect all the Z-Crystals before you start an online battle in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Z-Crystals Locations

Z-Crystals are used to augment the moves of the Pokemon into more powerful attacks called Z-moves. Most of the Z-Crystals serve as tokens for completing various Island Challenges and Grand Trials, however some are hidden in caves and dungeons. Once obtained, the Z-Crystal appears inside the designated pocket of the bag. When a Pokemon performs a Z-move, the damage dealt depends on the base power of the move.

Once spent, neither the Pokemon nor its allies can perform another Z-move for the remainder of the battle.

There are two basic categories for Z-Crystals, first are the Type-dependent Z-Crystals, and the second are the Species-specific Z-Crystals.

Type-dependent Z-Crystals

Z-Crystal Z-Move Location
Normalium Z Breakneck Blitz Melemele Island – Verdant Cavern
Defeat the Totem Gumshoos/ Alolan Raticate inside the chamber during Ilima’s Trial
Firium Z Inferno Overdrive Akala Island – Wela Volcano Park
Defeat the Totem Alolan Marowak during Kiawe’s Trials
Waterium Z Hydro Vortex Akala Island – Brooklet Hill
Defeat the Totem Araquanid during Lana’s Trials
Grassium Z Bloom Doom Akala Island – Lush Jungle
Defeat the Totem Lurantis during Mallow’s Trials
Electrium Z Gigavolt Havoc Ula’ula Island – Mount Hokulani
Defeat the Totem Togedemaru during Sophocles’s Trials
Icium Z Subzero Slammer Ula’ula Island – Lanakila Mountain
Collect it from the pedestal northeast of the area
Fightinium Z All-Out Pummeling Melemele Island – Iki Town
Defeat Island Kahuna Hala
Poisonium Z Acid Downpour Poni Island – Ancient Poni Path
Defeat the Team Skull members and Team Skull Admin Plumeria will give it to you.
Groundium Z Tectonic Rage Exeggutor Island
Defeat Island Kahuna Hapu
Flynium Z Supersonic Skystrike Melemele Island – Ten Carat Hill (Farthest Hollow)
On the west of Professor Kukui’s Laboratory, enter the cave by smashing the rocks with the Ride Pager Tauros. Break through the boulders then dismount to cross the steep path. Exit to find it on a pedestal.
Psychium Z Shattered Psyche Ula’ula IslandHaina Desert
From route 13, head to the top to reach the 2nd marker, then right to find the 1st marker, then top again, then right to locate the 4th marker.
Buginium Z Savage Spin-Out Ula’ula Island – Irresponsible Mansion
Defeat Team Skull Boss Guzma inside his hideout and collect the Z-Crystal from the treasure chest on the right of the throne.
Rockium Z Continental Crush Akala Island – Ruins of Life
Defeat Island Kahuna Olivia
Ghostium Z Never-Ending Nightmare Ula’ula Island – Route 14
Defeat the Totem Mimikyu during Acerola’s Trials
Dragonium Z Devastating Drake Poni Island – Vast Poni Canyon
Defeat the Totem Kommo-o
Darkinium Z Black Hole Eclipse Ula’ula Island – Malie City
Defeat Island Kahuna Nanu
Steelium Z Corkscrew Crash Ula’ula Island – Mount Hokulani
Defeat the Totem Togedemaru and Molayne will reward you with it
Fairium Z Twinkle Tackle Poni Island – Seafolk Village
Defeat the Totem Ribombee during Mina’s Trials

Species-Specific Z-Crystals

Z-Crystal Z-Move Location
Primarium Z Oceanic Operetta Ula’ula Island – Malie Garden
Primarina with Sparkling Aria Defeat Team Skull Boss Guzma (if you chose Popplio as a starter)
Decidium  Z Sinister Arrowraid Ula’ula Island – Malie Garden
Decidueye with Spirit Shackle Defeat Team Skull Boss Guzma (if you chose Rowlet as a starter)
Incinium Z Malicious Moonsault Ula’ula Island – Malie Garden
Incineroar with Darkest Lariat Defeat Team Skull Boss Guzma (if you chose Litten as a starter)
Pikanium Z Catastropika Akala Island – Konikoni City
Pikachu with Volt Tackle Talk to the Reporter near Chuuster in Hano Grand Resort
Aloraichium Z Stoked Sparksurfer Poni Island – Seafolk Village
Alolan Raichu with Thunderbolt Talk to the woman inside the house in Seafolk Village with an Alola Raichu in your party
Pikashunium Z 10,000,000 Volts Akala Island – Konikoni City
Ash Cap Pikachu with Thunderbolt Talk to the female Pikachu on the right side of Pikachu Valley
Eevium Z Extreme Evoboost Akala Island – Royal Avenue
Eevee with Last Resort Defeat the 8 Eevee evolution trainers then report the status to the man in Thrifty Megamart
Snorlium Z Pulverizing Pancake Akala Island – Tide Song Hotel
Snorlax with Giga Impact Present a Snorlax to the man on 3F
Tapunium Z Guardian of Alola Ula’ula Island – Ruins of Conflict
Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini
with Nature’s Madness
Become the League Champion then catch/defeat Tapu Koko
Lycanium Z Splintered Stormshards Ula’ula Island – Malie City
Dusk Form Lycanroc with Stone Edge Defeat Hau in Malie City
Kommonium Z Clangerous Soulblaze Poni Island – Plains Grotto
Kommo-o with Clanging Scales The hole northwest of the rocky field
Mimikium Z Let’s Snuggle Forever Ula’ula Island – Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
Mimikyu with Play Rough Once you complete the Grand Trial of Nanu, head to the location at night and search for Mimikyu
Solganium Z Searing Sunraze Smash Melemele Island – Mahalo Trail
Solgaleo with Sunsteel Strike,
Dusk Mane Necrozma with Sunsteel Strike
Rescue Solgaleo then head to the location. Collect Cosmog in Lake of the Moone.
Lunalium Z Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom Melemele Island – Mahalo Trail
Lunala with Moongeist Beam,
Dawn Wings Necrozma with Moongeist Beam
Rescue Lunala then head to the location. Collect Cosmog in Lake of the Sunne.
Ultranecrozium Z Light that Burns the Sky Ula’ula Island – Lanakila Mountain
Ultra Necrozma with Photon Geyser Capture Necrozma as you head to the Pokemon League
Marshadium Z Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Akala Island – Tide Song Hotel
Marshadow with Spectral Thief Present a Marshadow to the man on 3F
Mewnium Z Genesis Supernova Akala Island – Tide Song Hotel
Mew with Psychic Present a Mew to the man on 3F

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