Fate Grand Order - Kara no Kyoukai Guide – 7th Floor, 4th Room Walkthrough

Guide to the 7th Floor, 4th Room Quest during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Learn how to quickly whittle your enemy down when using this guide!

7th Floor, 4th Room Walkthrough

Shiki receives another request. And much to their surprise, it’s because there are some people screaming and leaving the 7th Floor, 4th Room completely naked. Shiki, Mash, and the protagonist decide to investigate in hopes of finding out what the problem is. Upon getting there, they discover that the culprit is none other than Cu Chulainn (Caster)! After Scathach threw him out of the Land of Dun Scaith, Cu Chulainn (Caster) decides to live his life as a gambler much to the annoyance of Mash and the protagonist.

Room 704

FGO 7th Floor 4th Room Battle1

AP Cost 20 Bond Point 715
EXP 22190 QP 7400
Tendency Caster First Reward CE EXP: Kuji Kanesada


Enemy Information
Battle 1/1
The Wrong Cu
(Lvl 90/ Caster/ 344,520 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Lancer Monument x2
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Proof of Hero


  • As a Caster class servant, he’s weak against Rider class servants. And thankfully, it won’t be hard to stop him from throwing his Noble Phantasm. As a Caster class enemy, he takes a little longer than most enemies. Since he’s the only enemy in the 7th Floor, 4th Room, you won’t have to worry too much about bringing event craft essences. Swap them out for something more useful if needed.
  • My personal combination involves Heracles, Francis Drake, and Saint Martha. Saint Martha has 3 Arts Cards in her deck while Francis Drake focuses on improving the strength of noble phantasms. Heracles on the other hand can brute force the enemy. Luckily, Cu Chulainn (Caster) doesn’t deal as much damage as his level says he does. But nonetheless, make sure your Heracles during the 7th Floor, 4th Room quest is well protected. He can still die if players get too careless.
  • Like all the variants of Cu Chulainn, Cu Chulainn (Caster) also has three evades. Focus it down immediately to make sure it doesn’t persist to the next turn.
  • If you have Saint Martha, don’t use her heal just yet. If Cu Chulainn (Caster) manages to launch Wickerman, she can quickly remove that off you before it deals extra damage.
  • After defeating him, pick up your reward for the 7th Floor, 4th Room quest.

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