Fate Grand Order - Saber Wars Event US (2018)

Welcome to our event guide for the Saber Wars Event US (2018)! The Saber Wars Event US (2018) is the first event for FGO USA for the year 2018!

Saber Wars Event US (2018)

The long awaited Saber Wars Event US (2018) now comes to FGO Na on January 4, 2018! As the world is suddenly swarmed with extra-terrestrials from a galaxy far, far away, Saber Lily comes to the rescue! As her master, it’s your task to make sure that Saber Lily can complete her duties. Not only as the rightful king of Briton but, also as a servant and protector (even if temporarily) for Chaldea!

Don’t worry, we’ll be updating this with tutorial videos and articles the further we progress! Leave a note in the comments if there’s something missing and we’ll get right to it!

Saber Wars Event US (2018)


Magi, now is the time to bring out your Saber servants! Prepare them for the incoming battle as an impending crisis calls upon Saber servants from different origins and lore!

  • All Saber class servants have a special event bonus during the duration of the Saber Wars Event US (2018). Depending on which servants they bring, players can reach over 100% more Altrium points which they can use to earn particular rewards.
  • As they gain points, players must also go through the story to earn points. However, the Saber Wars Event US (2018) also offers Free Quests, Bonus Quests, and Daily Quests to offer not only points but event items.
  • During this event, players must make the best combination of Saber servants to make the most out of the Saber Wars Event US (2018).

Servants with Special Bonuses

Saber Class Servants
From left to right: Siegfried, Gilles De Rais, Salter, Altera, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Fergus Mac Roich, Gaius Julius Caesar, Okita Souji, Nero, Saber Lily, Altria Pendragon, Mordred
+50% +30% +20% +10%
 Mysterious Heroine X Nero Claudius  Altria Pendragon  Fergus Mac Roich
Altria Pendragon Lily  Altria Pendragon (Alter)  Altera Gaius Julis Caesar 
 – Mordred Gilles De Rais 
 – Siegfried  –
 –  – Okita Souji  –
 –  – Le Chevalier D’Eon  –

Event Items

Event Items

With the alien invasion incoming, the Event Shop’s opened for players to buy a variety of items. Each item can be exchanged for a variety of craft essences, servants, or even ascension materials if need be. In order to collect these event items, players need to have particular craft essences. For example, the  only affects the amount of Vaccuum Tubes dropped. So, take note of what items you’ll need from the Saber Wars Event US (2018).

If you want to check out our Fate Grand Order Database for the Saber Wars event items, click here.

Saber Wars Event US (2018) Quests

Each of the quests have a different playthrough. Some quests refresh at a certain times. Others are repeatable, allowing players to farm certain areas for items.

Main Quest

Episode Battle Name
1 Lily’s Departure
2 Blackbeard Awakens
3 Revival of Rome
4 Awakening of the Universe
5 Answers of X
6 Journey of the Flower

Free Quest

Rank AP Cost
Novice 20
Intermediate 25
Advanced 30
Expert 40
Comet 40
Planet 40
Galaxy 40
Super Dimension 40

Bonus Quest

Monster Attack!

Altrium Quests

Alien Invasion
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10
11 12

Tips and Tricks

Having a hard time farm those highly-coveted event materials for those gorgeous skill & ascension materials? Players can check the links down below for some tips and tricks as to where and how to farm the FGO Event Items for the Saber Wars Event US (2018) within a short amount of time.

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