Fate Grand Order - Ascension Items List

This article contains a list of all Ascension Items available in Fate Grand Order. However, not all items have an enemy as Fate Grand Order is not complete.

Ascension Items

Besides Class Pieces and Monuments, Ascension Items are also needed to ascend Fate Grand Order Servants from Stage 2 onward. Ascension Items are not purely for ascension alone but also skill reinforcement. Skill Reinforcement uses a variety of gems and Ascension items in order to upgrade one’s Fate Grand Order Servant. Since the game is not complete yet, the list of Ascension Items may change. Some items may only be available in events. Other times, these Ascension Items may make themselves visible in Fate Grand Order Interlude Quests.

List of Ascension Items

Ascension Items

Below are the currently available items based on the enemies from Fate Grand Order NA version. Some enemies however may not be available. One example may be the Attack Machine which only appeared in one event. Hence, certain servants such as EMIYA may find themselves stuck at a certain fate grand order ascension guide. Unfortunately, these items have an abysmally low drop rate. In comparison to the Japanese version, the drop rate is much lower. Hence, players may find themselves grinding certain areas more than usual.

Fortunately, ever since patch 1.5.0, some of these items became more accessible. Some of these items include the Phoenix Feathers which best come from the Saber, Archer, or Lancer training grounds due to the presence of the Amazoness Queen/ Amazoness Leader.

 Ascension Item Obtainable From
Proof of Hero Soldiers, Pirates
Evil Bone Skeletons
Dragon Fang Wyverns, Dragon Tooth Warriors
Void’s Dust Shadow Servants
Chain of Fools Unavailable
Stinger of Certain Death Unavailable
Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid Unavailable
Seed of Yggdrasil Werewolves, Werejaguars, Golblins, Amazonesses
Ghost Lantern Ghosts
Octuplet Crystals Golems
Phoenix Feather Amazoness Leaders, Amazoness Queens
Serpent Jewel Lamias, Naga
Eternal Gear Attack Machines
Forbidden Page Unavailable
Homunculus Baby Homunculi
Meteoric Horseshoe Unavailable
Great Knight Medal Unavailable
Shell of Recollection Unavailable
Claw of Chaos Chimaeras
Heart of the Foreign God Daemons
Dragon’s Reverse Scale Great Dragons, Dragons, Fafnir
Spirit Root Unavailable
War Horse’s Small Horn Unavailable
Tear Stone of Blood Unavailable
Black Tallow Unavailable
Lamp of Sealed Evil Unavailable
Scarab of Wisdom Unavailable
Primordial Lanugo Unavailable
Cursed Beast Cholecyst Unavailable
Bizarre Godly Wine Unavailable

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