[Fate Grand Order/FGO] Fate/EXTELLA – Critical Damage Craft Essence

This article contains a guide on Fate/EXTELLA – Critical Damage Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants, and stats.

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Star Max Level Cost
 4 80 9
MIN 100 100
MAX 100 100
MAX Increases your Critical Strength by 15% & gain 3 C. Stars each turn for yourself

How to use

This Craft Essence was given for free during the Fate/EXTELLA Nintendo Switch Ver. Release Campaign. Though it gives low stat bonuses, it gives two useful bonuses for Quick-based Servants and teams.

The boost to Critical Strength is appreciated by Archers and Riders in general. The Archers have Independent Action, which further boosts the power of their critical hits. Meanwhile, the Riders have their Riding Skill, which boosts the performance of their Quick Cards, as well as a high C. Star absorption rate, which ensures they get C. Stars for crits. The bonus C. Stars per turn is a good bonus to give a higher chance of dealing crits.

Medusa is a good example of a Servant who can make the most out of what this card has to offer. She has both Independent Action and the Riding Skill, and she has high synergy in Quick-based team builds. For Archers, Gilgamesh puts out great work when it comes to Quick teams. His many-hit attacks allow him to generate a lot of C. Stars, and both his high absorption and Independent Action lets him make use of these stars. Atalante, on the other hand, is a more modest, but more common choice. Her Hunter’s Aesthetic lets her absorb enough stars for her to ensure lots of crits.

Assassins can also make use of this Craft Essence, as long as they have some skills that boost their C. Star absorption, because they tend to have low rates. Jing Ke is a marvelous example, which Restrain adding even more stars to the pool and boosting her absorption, while Audacious boosts her Critical Strength even further. Sasaki Kojirou also comes equipped with both kinds of skills.

Overall, which this card does not have the raw power of other Critical Strength Craft Essences such as Gem Magecraft Antumbra, it’s free to obtain within the campaign period, and it also provides some extra C. Stars every turn.

Recommended Servants

Recommended Servants
Medusa Gilgamesh Atalante
Robin Hood Jing Ke Sasaki Kojirou

Craft Essences (by Category)

Command Cards ATK/DEF HP
NP Critical Buff and Debuff
Misc Max Bond Valentine


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