Fate Grand Order - Recommended Servant Team Builds – Quick Teams

Quick team builds for Fate Grand Order/FGO: how they work in battle, Servants that fit in those types of teams, craft essences for them, and sample teams.

Quick and Critical Hit Teams

Quick and Critical Hit teams are centered around generating a lot of C. Stars and dealing critical hits. There are several Servants which are well-equipped with the proper skills and passives to both create C. Stars and make the most out of their critical hits. Crits deal double damage and have doubled NP generation, and that’s what this team capitalizes on.

The main disadvantage of these types of teams is that they are heavily RNG-reliant. C. Star are randomly given to the cards, and even then crits are just a percentage chance, so they are not a sure thing unless a card reaches 100%. In order to mitigate this, it’s best to make the most out of classes that have high C. Star absorption. Rider classes far and away have the highest C. Star absorption, and most of them will go to their cards, so plan accordingly.

Team Composition

There will be two main types of units in a Quick-heavy team: C. Star generators and critical hitters. Most Assassin-class Servants can generate a lot of C. Stars, especially with their Presence Concealment passives. On the other hand, most Archer-class Servants have Independent Action, which boosts their Critical damage. Rider-class Servants can do both, because their Riding skill boosts Quick card effectiveness on the whole. They can generate more C. Stars, deal more damage, and also have high C. Star absorption to make the most out of it.

For Assassins, some common choices for Quick teams include Hassan of the Cursed Arm and Sasaki Kojirou. Hassan boasts some of the best C. Star generation rates in the game through his regular attacks. However, Sasaki Kojirou’s Noble Phantasm is both powerful and gives a lot of C. Stars afterward. He also has more skills to generate C. Stars. Overall, Hassan boasts a more powerful Noble Phantasm with a reliable Death effect, while Kojirou can create a lot of C. Stars with the right set-up. It depends on the player which Servant suits them better, or which they manage to obtain more often.

As a kind of middle road between the two, there’s also Jing Ke. She can do pretty much everything that the other two Assassins can, but she is slightly rarer. Inhibition gives her C. Stars and boosts her absorption, while Planning boosts her C. Star generation rate. Her Noble Phantasm has both Hassan’s Death effect and Kojirou’s C. Star generation effect, as well.

Among the currently available Archer-class Servants, Atalante is perhaps the best-suited for Quick teams. Beyond Arcadia boosts the Quick card performance for the whole party, strengthening both Quick Chains and Quick-type Noble Phantasms. Art of the Hunt greatly boosts her C. Star Absorption so that she can maximize her crits with Independent Action. Finally, Phoebus Catastrophe is a powerful all-target Noble Phantasm that hits hard and generates even more C. Stars.

For those who have managed to obtain him, Gilgamesh can be a powerful asset for Quick teams. His multi-hit attacks can generate a ton of C. Stars for the team to use, while his high absorption and Independent Action allows him to hit hard as well. However, his lack of Quick Command Cards (only 1 available) might get in the way of the team’s Quick Chains, so keep that in mind.

Among the other Archers, EMIYA is a powerful Servant all on his own, but his 3 Arts Cards can make it harder to consistently trigger Quick Chains. Robin Hood sees a better fit on Quick teams, with 2 Arts and 2 Quick Cards. May King lets him gain more C. Stars, and Sabotage can support the party further by lowering ATK and Poisoning foes.

For the riders, there are several that perform very well in Quick teams, each with slightly different functions.

First, there’s Medusa. She’s a powerful attacker in her own right, given a good combination of passives in Riding Skill, Independent Action, and Divinity. She has one of the strongest all-target Noble Phantasms among Riders in Bellerophon, and it even increases the party’s C. Star generation rate for 3 turns afterward. Her skills further boost her offensive potential, with Monstrous Strength directly increasing her ATK, and Bloodfort Andromeda boosting her NP.

If a more supportive Rider is needed for the team, however, then Alexander can better fill that role. Charisma boosts party ATK, while Signs of the King boosts the entire party’s Quick card performance. He can Charm humanoids with Charming Youth, as well, which helps with locking bosses or lessening enemy attacks. Finally, his Noble Phantasm generates more C. Stars for the party to use.

Finally, there’s Ushiwakamaru, who packs both strong offenses and good supporting skills. Her Noble Phantasm is an incredibly powerful attack that also boosts C. Star generate rate, but it only hits single targets. Because of this, she cannot sweep through mobs like Medusa, but she is more useful against lone bosses. For her supporting skills, she also has Charisma for a party ATK buff. Tengu’s Strategy boosts the party’s NP generation rate, and Quick-witted Swallow boosts her own C. Star generation. Overall, it’s best to choose the Rider that can properly complement the party’s strengths and weaknesses.

It should also be mentioned that Lancelot is a unique Berserker that functions exceptionally well in Quick teams. He has several skills that promote his C. Star generation, C. Star absorption, and Critical Hit damage. Even his Noble Phantasm is a Quick-type. However, he still has 3 Buster Cards, 1 Arts Card, and 1 Quick Card, like most Berserkers, so he can’t participate as well in Quick Chains.

Craft Essence Choices

There are several types of Craft Essences that are essential to the success of a Quick team. Cards that boost Quick card effectiveness are good, all-around CEs to have. For more specialized roles, there are also CEs that boost C. Star generation, absorption, or Critical hit damage.

For Quick card performance, there’s Imaginary Around, with Gandr and The Verdant Black Keys as alternatives.

For boosting Critical Damage, there’s Gem Magecraft: Antumbra, which provides a reliable boost. Rin’s Pendant is weaker but more common alternative.

If C. Star generation is preferred, Be Elegant boosts it by 25-30%. Opportunity is much weaker, at 5-10%, but it’s significantly more common.

Sample Teams

Team 1

Active Party: Atalante, Medusa, Hassan of the Cursed Arm

Reserve Party: Sasaki Kojirou, other attackers such as Robin Hood or Ushiwakamaru

Possible Support Characters: Marie Antoinette

The choices for the active party are simple. For starters, Hassan generates a ton of C. Stars through his regular attacks, letting him consistently drop them for Medusa to absorb and use for her attacks. Atalante buffs Quick card effectiveness for the whole party, and she also contributes her own damage and C. Star generation with her Noble Phantasm. Medusa has both debilitation in the form of Mystic Eyes and buffs in Monstrous Strength, letting her Bellerophon hit incredibly hard. It has the added effect of increasing C. Star generation for the whole party, so they can keep critting even more.

For the reserve party, Sasaki Kojirou was chosen because his low cost lets him be easily equipped with a high-cost Craft Essence such as Kaleidoscope. This also lets him easily use his Noble Phantasm right off the bat, dealing lots of damage and immediately generating a ton of C. Stars. Robin Hood can also be equipped with a Kaleidoscope in order to use Yew Bow as soon as possible, should any of the main party fall. Ushiwakamaru is a decent attacking Rider to replace Medusa, for offense, or Atalante, for buffs and support.

For the support characters, Marie Antoinette is a particularly useful backup character, boasting a variety of HP recovery skills for herself, and her Noble Phantasm has debuff removal and HP recovery for the whole party. Otherwise, other Assassins, Archers, or Riders will do.

Team 2

Active Party: Alexander, Jing Ke, Lancelot

Reserve Party: Ushiwakamaru or Medusa, other Assassins such as Hassan of the Cursed Arm

Possible Support Character: other Riders or Assassins, or Atalante

This is an alternative team to the one mentioned earlier. Lancelot’s lack of Quick cards can be alleviated by Jing Ke’s 3 Quick Cards. Between the three of them, there is enough C. Star generation to go around. Alexander can boost damage greatly with his Quick card effectiveness buff, because both Jing Ke and Lancelot have powerful Quick-type Noble Phantasms. Jing Ke can specialize in single targets, while Lancelot takes care of mobs, so both bases are covered.

For the reserve team, Ushiwakamaru is once again a reliable backup should Alexander or Jing Ke fall. She can fulfill similar roles in buffing offense or single-target damage. Medusa can make up for Lancelot’s offensive prowess should he fall in battle; she does not do increased damage to all targets, but she is safer to use. Additionally, she has strong self-buffs to make up for it. Finally, you can also prepare backup Assassins for C. Star generation, such as Hassan.

For the support characters, the rare Atalante always provides good support for Quick teams, should you find a friend who has one. Otherwise, you can simply choose more Riders or Assassins to fit into your team.

If you’re looking for a tutorial video, check it out here:

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  1. Hello, I’m still unsure for which servant to use in my next team line-up.
    I’d like to create a Quick/Arts team with diversity of class (so one servant per class).
    The problem the only Quick/Arts servant are mostly Riders and Archer, so it’s quite hard
    to create that sort of team.
    I’d like to use Atalante (Archer) + Anne & Mary (Rider) (or Medea for non-boss combat).
    I don’t know if Anne & Mary generate lots of C.Star and can do well in a Quick team).
    Is Ushiwakamaru better ?
    As support servant I think of using Jing Ke (Assassin) & Diarmuid (Lancer)
    when he’ll be release (soon I think).

    Could you give me other servants that could do well in my team ?
    I have Lancelot but his tree Buster card are a problem, or I put him in the end list of my support.
    Should I use Hans as support (I could use those in my friend list)
    There’s also Tamamo Mae (her NP reduce the skill cooldown by 1) and increase all allies NP.
    I also though of Okita Souji, altough she only have one Arts card, but her NP gauge
    goes up easily, and she’s a great boss killer.

    Any suggestion ?