Fate Grand Order - Arts Team Build Tutorial: Guide

Arts team builds for Fate Grand Order/FGO: how they work in battle, Servants that fit in those types of teams, craft essences for them, and sample teams.

Arts and Noble Phantasm Team Builds

Arts teams are all about maximizing Arts attacks and charging the NP gauge to unleash powerful Noble Phantasms. By focusing on NP gain, the Servants can easily defeat both single targets and waves of enemies with their varied Noble Phantasms.

The downside is that Arts attacks do not generate many C. Stars, if at all. Thus, the party will not be able to make use of critical hits, and Servants who rely on them do not fit in this party.

Team Composition

There are two main roles for Servants in this party: NP damage dealers and NP chargers.

For NP damage dealers, choose Servants that can maximize their damage with their Noble Phantasms.

EMIYA is a good example. He has 3 Arts Cards, so he can efficiently charge his NP gauge by himself, and Unlimited Blade Works ignores DEF when doing damage. He does not need as much support, either, because he has both Evasion skills and card performance buffs all by himself.

Vlad III is another good Servant for this role. Bloodsucker lets him both decrease enemies’ NP gauge and increase his own, while his other skills buffs his ATK, DEF, and give him Guts. His Noble Phantasm, Kazikli Bey, is a powerful single-target attack which generates a lot of C. Stars. Critical hits can later be used to generate even more NP.

Robin Hood, despite being a 3-star Servant, boasts one of the most powerful Noble Phantasms in Yew Bow. It deals even more damage to Poisoned targets, so this works well with his Sabotage skill. Golden Rule lets him boost his own NP generation, and My King lets him both ignore evasion and evade attacks. This makes him a very flexible teammate.

There are several Saber-class Servants that have up to 2 Arts Cards and powerful Noble Phantasms. Altera is one of the best Servants for this role. Her Tactics can power up the Noble Phantasms of the entire party, and she has her own ATK buffs. Her Noble Phantasm, Photon Ray, can reduce the DEF of all enemies, on top of being a Buster-type card. This makes her good for starting a chain of Noble Phantasms. Nero Claudius, though she lacks the NP damage buff, has better survivability with both ATK/DEF buffs and HP recovery. Her Noble Phantasm is an Arts-type, but it also reduces the DEF of all enemies.

For NP chargers, use Servants that have the appropriate skills to either charge allies’ NP or increase the party’s NP generation rate. Zhuge Liang is the best bet for this role. All of his skills charge NP for allies, from 10-30%, and they all give various useful buffs to ATK, DEF, and critical damage. He has 3 Arts Cards, so he can help trigger a lot of Arts Chains. His Noble Phantasm, Unreturning Formation, inflicts a ton of debuffs on the enemy, softening them up for more damage from his teammates.

Medea, on the other hand, is a combined damage dealer and charger rolled into one. Rapid Words of the Divine can charge her NP very quickly, while Teachings of Circe can charge her allies’ NP. Her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, is incredibly spammable: at max level, it recharges her NP gauge back to 100%, so she can keep using it.

William Shakespeare is a much cheaper and more common alternative to these two Casters. Enchant buffs the party’s Buster performance, so this is good for Buster-type Noble Phantasms. King’s Troupe is his main NP charging skill, boosting it by 20%.

For a non-Caster NP Charger, there’s Jeanne d’Arc. She’s got 3 Arts Cards, so she can contribute to Arts Chains. She lacks any NP charging skills, but she can give a lot of defensive buffs and invulnerability to the whole party.

Craft Essence Choices

The Craft Essences you’ll need for this type of team will either revolve around NP gain, NP charge, NP damage, or the respective effectiveness cards.

For the NP damage dealers, Heaven’s Feel is a powerful, all-around damage boost, giving a 40-50% increase in NP damage. For a weaker, but more common alternative, you can use either Angel’s Song or Dragonkin.

Depending on the NP type, you can also make use of effectiveness cards such as Limited/Zero Over (for Buster), Formal Craft (for Arts), and Imaginary Around (for Quick). Of these, Formal Craft is the most efficient, because the team will be using Arts Chains most of the time, as well. The NP chargers, who are also using a lot of Arts cards, will make the most out of Formal Craft. Alternatives for it include Projection and The Azure Black Keys.

For NP gain, there’s Divine Banquet for a 25-30% NP generation boost.

If starting NP is more important, for Servants who want to fire off their Noble Phantasms as soon as possible, there’s also Kaleidoscope. It gives 80-100% NP charge at the start of the battle.

Sample Teams

Team 1

Active Party: Zhuge Liang, EMIYA, and Altria Pendragon (Lily)

Reserve Party: other strong Noble Phantasm users such as Vlad III or Robin Hood, or Sabers such as Altria Pendragon, Altria Pendragon (Alter), Altera, or Nero Claudius

Possible Support Characters: other strong Noble Phantasm users, most Sabers with 2 Arts Cards

This is a very powerful all-around team with decent defenses, a well-rounded group of attributes, good NP gain, decent C. Star generation, and powerful Noble Phantasms.

Zhuge Liang is the best NP charger around. Tactician’s Advice gives everyone a 10% boost to NP, but it also buffs DEF and reduces damage for several turns. Discerning Eye gives a 30% NP charge to one ally, which is invaluable. EMIYA is a very flexible offensive Servant, and he will primarily be used for his Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works. Finally, Altria Pendragon (Lily) rounds out the team by providing increased NP gain for everyone with Journey of the Flowers. She can also cover EMIYA’s weakness to Lancer enemies.

This team can even make use of C. Stars and critical hits. Altria Lily can provide some using Intuition, and EMIYA can add some more using Clairvoyance/Hawkeye. To top it all off, Zhuge Liang can buff critical damage with Discerning Eye.

For the reserve party, you can use other attackers to replace any fallen ones. Vlad III, especially, is a unique Berserker-class Servant who fits in very well in a Noble Phantasm-heavy team. He has 2 Arts Cards, letting him participate in Arts Chains, and he has Bloodsucker to charge his own NP gauge.

Altera can also replace Altria Lily in the party. She does not have the NP gain boost in the form of Journey of the Flowers, but she does have Tactics, which boosts the NP damage for the entire party. She can also lower the DEF of all enemies with her Photon Ray, which can be useful when stacking Noble Phantasms.

Team 2

Active Party: Medea, Robin Hood, Boudica

Reserve Party: other Arts-heavy attackers with good Noble Phantasms, such as Cu Chulainn (Caster) or Mephistopheles, other Arts-heavy supporters such as Ushiwakamaru or Saint Martha

Possible Support Characters: Jeanne d’Arc, other strong Noble Phantasm users, most Sabers with 2 Arts Cards

This is a pretty strong Noble Phantasm-centric team built almost entirely of easy-to-obtain Servants. Though they do not have the raw stats that 5- or 4-star Servants have, but their Noble Phantasms can be leveled up much easier. Because NP damage can only be boosted by combining the same Servants together, they can be maxed out much earlier.

These three Servants in the active party have pretty good synergy with one another.

First of all, they have plenty of defensive maneuvers when taken all together. Boudica has Guts for herself, and her NP can buff DEF for the entire party. This can be stacked on top of Robin Hood’s Sabotage, which Poisons and lowers ATK for all enemies. Medea, on the other hand, can recover her own HP and remove debuffs on her allies.

Secondly, when it comes to NP generation, there’s plenty of Arts Cards to go around. Medea has 3 Arts Cards, and both Robin Hood and Boudica have 2 each. Medea also has Rapid Words of the Divine to charge her own NP gauge quickly, and Teachings of Circe to increase NP generation for others.

Finally, when it comes to offense, all Servants can contribute in their own ways. Medea’s Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, deals great single-target damage, and is completely spammable because it recharges her own NP back up again afterward. Robin Hood’s Yew Bow provides another really strong nuke which does even more damage on poisoned targets. And lastly, Boudica can boost all of their Noble Phantasms and their Arts Card attacks with Andraste’s Divine Protection. It is a powerful skill that improves the effectiveness of all Arts cards for 3 turns: it boosts both damage and NP generation.

The reserve party holds several Servants that also fit into this kind of play style. Though Cu Chulainn (Caster) and Mephistopheles don’t have Arts-type NPs, they do still have 3 Arts Cards to go by. Their Buster-type NPs also let them hit the enemies even harder. For support, Ushiwakamaru lacks the defensive profess of Boudica, but she does have better offensive buffs. Tengu’s Strategy buffs the party’s NP generation rate, while Charisma boosts their attack. This lets her help her party both hit harder and more often with their Noble Phantasms.

For a video tutorial, check out the video below:

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  1. As for me I went for Altria (Alter) & Emiya.
    I use as friend servant mostly Waver (Zhuge Liang) or Jeanne d’Arc.
    My support are St.Martha, Medea, Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer or Caster) & Mash (for her 0 cost, so I can put more points in my Essence craft).
    I mostly use Altria, Emiya & St. Martha and alternate the other.

    It work very well to kill groups of enemies, but less good with boss
    (Medea is the only one that have a NP that focus on one ennemy).

    I don’t really know if I can say it’s a Arts team due to the Buster NP, so it’s more an Arts/Buster team ^^

    As for my problem with killing boss, do you have a servant with QAABB or QAAAB
    that could help me ? (preferably not an archer/saber class) with an Buster or Arts NP ?

    • That team looks pretty good! It’s pretty well-rounded: Medea and EMIYA having pretty good attacking Noble Phantasms, Ushiwakamaru and Saber Lily are good for support and some damage, and EMIYA and Cu Chulainn (Caster) both have good Evasion skills for survivability.
      For Support, if you have a Friend with Jeanne d’Arc, she’d be a really good fit for your team and help them all survive much longer.
      Just watch out for enemy Riders, because Medea and Cu Chulainn (Caster) are both weak to them!

  2. Hans definitely works well as an alternative to Waver and spamming his NP in an Arts team works well in the long run.

    • Good call! Even though Hans doesn’t have any skills to boost his allies’ NP, he can still apply lots of good buffs with his spammable NP!