[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Fiend Enemies Stats and Skills List

This article contains the Fiend enemies list in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It includes the Class, Skill, Traits, Number of Actions, Noble Phantasm, Random Drops, and Quest for Demon God Flauros.


The fiends are rare, demonic beings fought in some story and free quests. At the moment, only the Daemon can be fought. It drops the rare Heart of the Foreign God.


Class Caster Skill Frighten*
Traits Sky
Actions 3
NP Demon Seal** Random Drops  Heart of the Foreign God
Magic Gem of Caster
Secret Gem of Caster
Quest Chaldea Gate: Monster Hunting <The Four Cavalries> (Advanced)
  • *Lowers Critical Strength for 3 turns.
  • **Ignores Defense and deals 600% damage to 1 enemy. Seals NP for 1 turn.

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