Fate Grand Order - A Fragment of 2030 – Star Regeneration Craft Essence

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A Fragment of 2030 – Star Regeneration Craft Essence

The “A Fragment of 2030” was a Craft Essence made available during the FGO 2017 Thanksgiving Event along with Scathach, Diarmuid, and Fergus Mac Roich. This particular craft essence works best with Quick-type servants, especially those who rely heavily on C. Star Gathering in order to deal the most damage. However, this can also work with an Assassin class servant and Berserker class servant for more damage.

A Fragment of 2030


Star Max Level Cost
5 100 12
MIN 750 0
MAX 3000 0
Normal Gain 8 critical stars each turn.
4th Limit Break Gain 10 critical stars each turn.

How to use

A Fragment of 2030 is a Critical Star Generation based Craft Essence that works best with servants that can either generate or gather. When using “A Fragment of 2030”, players might need to begin with a set up. They have to trigger a Quick Chain at the first turn which will allow the “A Fragment of 2030” to produce an additional 8 stars. When it does, players need to take note of the cards in their hand. Depending on which servant is in your party, the A Fragment of 2030 can go a long way.

One example would be granting that power to either Jack the Ripper or Okita Souji. Okita, being one of the few Sabers that rely on Quick Cards (Caesar being the other), can deal heavy damage especially with her Weak Consitution skill activated. She can then deal as much as 30,000 damage to a single enemy especially when at max level and 100%.

Jack the Ripper can also use this craft essence and deal heavy damage. When she combines this with a Quick Chain, she can easily stack 40+ C. Stars to grant her other allies a chance to deal critical hits.

Recommended Servants

Recommended Servants
Hans Christian Andersen Jeanne d’Arc Nursery Rhyme
Scathach Jing Ke Jack the Ripper
Okita Souji  Medusa

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