Fate Grand Order - Golden Star Farming: Guide

A Guide to farming the Golden Star currency for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event. This guide is meant for the Fate GO 2017 Christmas Event.

Golden Star Farming

The Golden Star is one of the most expensive currencies for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter event. Expensive because it requires a high amount of AP to farm and a high level of servants to farm it. For farming this particular currency, you don’t need to bring the event servants. However, if you’re farming both the Magical Stockings and the Golden Stars then, you can bring a mixed team instead. Personally, I only brought one non-event servant but it was a servant I knew I could rely on for the entire stage.

Golden Star

Tutorial Video

Need a video to help you out? Here’s a video that can help you in the Golden Star Farming.

Tips and Tricks

Farming for Golden Stars isn’t easy especially if you’re trying to get the Craft Essence Holy Night Sign, the Reverse Dragon Scales, and the three Bucket of Chickens for your Santa Alter. In total, it should cost around 850 Golden Stars (400 [Reverse Dragon Scales/ 20 per piece] + 150 [Holy Night Sign Craft Essence] + 300 [Bucket of Chicken/ 100 per piece]). So without further ado, here are some ways to farm those Golden Stars.

Stack the Present for My Master Craft Essence

Assuming one has E- Rank luck or F- rank luck in terms of Gacha, the best you can do is stack. Merging them and limit breaking them will only be useful if you’re willing to whale the gacha – spend real money to get Saint Quartz – to death. However, F2P players (like me) don’t have that kind of cash. So, the biggest amount possibly stacked is an additional +2. However, if you farm the 40 AP Free Quest then, getting the Golden Star stacks shouldn’t be hard.

Burning through the 40 AP Quest

Golden Star Farming

The 40 AP quest has three main threats: Kiyohime, Atalante, and Mary Read. While there are four servants in the 40 AP Quest, Boudica is more of a defense/sustain servant who doesn’t deal too much damage. However, the common mistake people make is that they insist on bringing all the event bonus servants. Put it this way: if you have to spend 3 command seals just to get your Golden Star stacks, it’s not worth it since the event servants only affect the Magical Stocking drop.

Bringing a Lancer class servant to duke it out with Atalante helps as her NP, Phoebus Catastrophe, hits multiple targets. Cu Chulainn has Divine Protection from Arrows, making himself invulnerable to her attacks. If her Noble Phantasm lands, it’s still considered as 1 attack which allows him two more attacks to dodge. At the same time, Cu Chulainn has Gae Bolg and it can deal around 60,000 damage to her plus inflict Defense demerit.

Another valuable asset to have is Jack the Ripper. Common factor among all the enemies in the 40 AP quest is that they all have the Female trait. Because of Jack the Ripper‘s NP – Maria the Ripper, she deals extra damage to Females. Upon the activation of her Noble Phantasm, Jack the Ripper can easily defeat Mary Read while leaving Boudica open for the kill. After defeating them, players can accumulate as much as 4~5 Golden Star Stacks per run.

Farming Guides for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event

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