Fate Grand Order - Mini Ribbon Farming: Guide

The Mini Ribbon is the cheapest FGO Event item that players can farm during the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event. Here's a guide to help make the most of it.

Mini Ribbon Farming

The Mini Ribbon is an FGO event item during the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event in Fate Grand Order. Players need stacks of those in order to make enough as players can get 20 Yggdrasil Seeds plus the final Bucket of Chicken and the Holy Night CE. All in all total, that’s around 550 Mini Ribbons. But don’t worry! There’s an easy way of doing this without really breaking your brain and burning all your time to do it. It takes a little patience but it’ll all be worth it if you can wipe out the event shop of the FGO 2017 Christmas Event.

Mini Ribbons

Tips and Tricks

So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks as to how and where to farm a Mini Ribbon stack.

Novice Free Quest Farming

The best part is that the Mini Ribbon is the cheapest of all the event items. And when I say cheapest, it’s because of the low AP cost which you can burn your Bronze Fruits for and that it takes 5 minutes to 1 AP. After farming, players can go take a shower, have lunch, or do whatever before returning back to Fate/Grand Order for an easy farm. At the same time, this particular mission isn’t so taxing since the enemies are relatively low leveled.

Choose a support with the Lightning Reindeer CE

For this particular farming, you don’t really have to follow affinity unless your servants are extremely low levelled. However, it’s best to find a support that has the Lightning Reindeer CE as it has an additional event bonus: +1 to all Mini Ribbon drops. Players don’t need to get a servant here that has the Magical Stockings bonus as that’s not the object of farming here.

Stack and Merge as many Lightning Reindeer CEs as you can

The good news is that the Lightning Reindeer CE is a CE that drops from the Friend Point Summon. Because of that, it’s a little easier to farm. Only a little because RNG still dictates what CEs you get. And since Friend Points are constantly flowing amount of currency, players can roll this until they get enough Lightning Reindeer CEs. If you’re not in the mood to merge all of them, just get five to make sure all servants have the Mini Ribbon Bonus. That way, players can easily get a +6 bonus for all the Mini Ribbon stacks.

Unfortunately, I only had a +3 bonus because I was pretty lazy and still wondering if I should burn all my FP. ^^”

Tutorial Video

Here’s a video to help you get through the Mini Ribbon Farming:

Farming Guides for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event

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